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Too Much Remix on Sweet Vandals myspace

September 18th, 2008 . by zephirnl

The Sweet Vandals have a new remix online for their killer track ‘too much’. It is a nice rework by Santi, but it does take off some of the rawness and the energy of the original. Check it on their myspace page. It is on the cd-single release for ‘beautiful’. I couldn’t help but notice another track there, ‘you’re losing me’ that I didn’t know about, but judging from the artwork it was released on the Soulinus & Dj Pun compilation ‘This is DJ’s Choice’. Both releases are on Unique Records.

This is what Unique states about the remix themselves:
As ‘Too Much’ is really made for remixing the b-side comes up with two special remixes by The Dynamics and by The Vandals themself. Better to say the Vandals’ incredible organist Santi: ‘We need another remix? I’ll make one.’ And so he did it – what a remix! Anew the focus lies on cool sound and souly groove. The main thing is that you can’t stop dancing! „Too Much“ is a catchy piece full of funk attitude. Beware – your feet may become independent and start to move without your permission.


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