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Live DJ Set @ Club Djazzive (SJU) 19-12-2008

January 4th, 2009 . by zephirnl

Last friday, once again my MD recorder had a dead battery, but I didn’t feel like going on a scavenger hunt to find any batteries with some juice to spare. To fix this, there’s a new device on its way, hopefully it’ll be here in time to record the next set.

For now however, we will have to make do with the recordings of the previous gig. If I remember well, it was a nice diverse set, with a little bit more electronic/breaks stuff than usual, but still as funky and fresh as the maddest of sets you’ve come to expect from us.

So, without further delay and without any form of track list, here’s the recording of December 19th.

Ok, so there’s no track list this time, but for those of you who read this, there is a bonus hour (the last hour of that evening) available on, so go check that out over there. :)


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