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Quantic and His Combo Bárbaro – Linda Morena

May 2nd, 2009 . by zephirnl


Update: the 7″ is available for purchase @ etchshop now!

Although the release date is more than a month away and there are other reviews that I still have to finish of music that will be released before this item, I just have to publish this now. So here it goes…

A new Quantic album is always higly anticipated by me. I am a fan of the Quantic Soul Orchestra work, as well as his solo releases. Especially the collaborations with singers like Alice Russell & Spanky Wilson are delights I savour regularly. Quantics’ Flowering Inferno was an experiment that was beautifully produced, but I’m just not that into Dub. So when I first heard about a new Quantic project, collaborating with artists from Latin America, I had something to look out for. The last QSO offering ‘Tropidélico’ also had its fair share of latin infused soul, and I already expected this new project to pull through even more in the latin direction.

The single ‘Linda Morena’ (TRU7192) sees Will Holland team up with a singer also featured on the ‘Tropidélico’ album: Kabir. He delivers a soulful vocal over a rolling panamesque breakbeat, lined with vibrant piano and excellently punctuated by some subtle horn lines. The promo track I received clocks in at a whopping 8:29, but there is not a single moment where it gets boring, which is as much an accomplishment of mr. Holland as it is of his ‘Combo Bárbaro’. There are some great solo’s spread out over the length of the track, especially the Trumpet in the opening section is really good and immediately sets the right vibe/tone. The 7″ single will feature an edit of a mere 4:58, so I am guessing the full version I got sent will be included in the LP release.


Since the digital promo I received did not include the AA track, ’Enyere Kumbara’, here is a quote from the press release:

‘Enyere Kumbara’ is a cover of a classic funk track, originally by Julian Angulo, a virtuoso guitarist hailing from the Pacific coast of Colombia. The track is exclusive to this single and will not appear on the fortcoming ‘Traditions in Transition’ LP.

The release date is set for June 8th, and I am hoping to be able to bring you a full review of ‘Traditions in Transition’ by that time. The two tracks that I have heard so far (including the ‘Wandering Star’ cover released on the Black Gold 7″) are such a high quality that I already know this is going to be huge. Quantic always builds up high expectations with me, but I have absolute faith that he will deliver the goods once again. Until then, Keep your eyes peeled for more teaser materials like the trailer below and snatch up the Black Gold 7″ at Etchshop while you can; it also features an ace jazz rework of ‘My Name Is’ by Nostalgia 77!

Last but not least, you can watch Tradition in Transition: A Postcard from Cali (TRAILER). The trailer is for the documentary made by Mochilla (Eric Coleman & B+). The documentary is about the process of making the record and features the musical & social scene in Cali and Buenaventura in Colombia.


4 Responses to “Quantic and His Combo Bárbaro – Linda Morena”

  1. taco Says:

    erg benieuwd wat die Will Holland afleverd. als het geniaal is, is het bij hem ook echt geniaal.

  2. taco Says:

    met een t ipv d

  3. zephir Says:

    Expect a full album review soon. @taco: it’s quite genious…

  4. zephir Says:

    Update: Since having received the 7″ now, I can add that the AA (or B) side is worth adding to your collection, even if you are planning on purchasing the Traditions in Transition album. The Linda Morena A-side is a shortened version, which is less dramatic in build-up (if only for teh lack of piano in- and outro), but punchier in its condensed form.