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[Review] Flevans – 27 Devils (CD – TRUCD191)

May 14th, 2009 . by zephirnl

Flevans - 27 Devils artworkHah! I have managed to post this just in time before the album sees its official release date on May 18th. It is already available to order from etchshop.

In short, let’s just say I definitely  like this album. generally I like the chaotic, beats driven tracks best. Flevans has a knack for producing tracks that capture the chaos of everyday life, while still being very enjoyable and melodic. As a result there is a diverse range of ‘devils’ that you can hear reflected in the many styles and moods on this album. There’s chaos, uptempo, upbeat, downbeat, sunshine, variation, rain, sadness, peace, joy, etcetera. Just like in life.

For me personally however, the order of the tracks could be better. The tracks featuring  Shona Foster could have been nice resting points for the album, but I feel they are a bit out-of-place. It can be argued that life is just as unorganised though, and I guess this kind of preference varies from person to person. And while the album can feel a bit inconsistent in tempo and mood, the production is very good. Analog sounds play nice with their synthesized counterparts to create layers of interaction that fold and weave together perfectly to create one consistent sound image thoughout the album. I just realised that the album image is a good reflection of that: all kinds of devils that are intertwined and pointing outwards to explore life.

To summarise and get back to business: Flevans manages to get a fair bit of plays thanks to the more uptempo joints and his excellent production skills and will probably even rank among my favourites this year.

Originally I aspired to do a full track-by-track review, but since there are a lot of sources to get your Flev’ on, I’ll just end with a list of links to Flevans related stuff below.


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