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[review] Kylie Auldist – Made of Stone (TRUCD197)

August 4th, 2009 . by zephirnl

Kylie Auldist - Made Of StoneOriginally, this was intended to be a thorough front-to-back review similar to my recent Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro LP review. But two things have made me decide to make it a short, small review. The most important one is that all the writing I engage in should be aimed towards one goal, and one goal only: my graduation. Of course I could postpone this review until after I finish that (I should be done by end of August), but I really want to publish this now. Especially since the album release date is less than a week away (August 10th), meaning Etchshop is already taking orders and is probably also shipping by now.

I can be quite brief actually. First off, this is a nice soulful album, that displays the vocal talents of miss Auldist beautifully, and shows real growth in terms of songwriting and styles. Whereas the previous album was a soulful affair, it was a bit bland in places and in my opinion could have done with a bit more variation. This album sees a move towards a more broad spectrum genre wise, which actually makes the entire album more of a whole, since it is done with subtlety.

As with many of the recent Lance Ferguson (the Bamboos, Lanu) produced albums though, the production is too crisp and glossy for my taste. This does not mean that this is a sugarcoated disc, no, but I prefer my soul and funk served with a bit more grit and rawness to it. And I know Lance is capable of producing the way I like, as he just released the Cookin’ on 3 Burners album, Soul Messin’, that does have the raw and snappy production I prefer. It also features Kylie on two tracks (one of which also out as a 7″ single), so check that out too (iTunes, Juno, Kudos)!

So, If you like a soulful pop album, sung by a deep soul voice and played by an authentic backing band of skilled instrumentalist, filled with real songs, then this is your thing. And you should definitely support this artist by enjoying & buying the full album. If however, like me, you like your releases as raw as possible, maybe you are better off just purchasing the 7″ and snatching up the Co3B album instead. Since the two most powerful funk oriented tracks are on that lil’ 45 plus you get some bonus Kylie on the Soul Messin’ LP.

On re-listening the album once more as while doing the final tweaking of this review, I must admit that I actually think the whole album is worth the buck and certainly surpasses the previous album in musical worth. This does not change the fact that I still would not have bought the CD myself, as I am trying to focus on vinyl, and this album is not on wax, but the 7″ (obviously) and the Co3B album are.

Buy 7″: Etchshop – Buy CD: Etchshop -  Buy digital:  iTunes / Juno.

Links: Kylie homepage, myspace, full press release @ ParisDJs.

Kylie will be touring europe this summer/fall and it will probably be more than worth it to catch her live, accompanied by Cookin’ on 3 Burners. See her myspace for the tour schedule.


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