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[review] BadboE – Break the Funk (ad011cd)

September 16th, 2009 . by zephirnl

BadboE - Break The Funk (Front)It might seem simple to review this first BadboE full album release. I mean, it’s just a bunch of samples, rehashed and reworked with a funky breakbeat so it works better on the dance floor, right?


Yes, this album is full of samples. Yes, it is full of funky breakbeats. And hell yes, it will work on the dance floor. But NO it is not that simple.

This Danish beat master is an experienced beat smith, using sounds known and unknown to create his own style of Nu Funk breaks, forging old & new to work together as if they have always been.

Some of the tracks on this album may already be known to you, as BadboE has previously released about half of the tracks on GoodGroove, home to Nu Funk & Funk Break mash-up’s finest releases.¬†And if you want the grooves to be on vinyl, you’d have to get those 12″es, since this album is only released on CD or Digital format.

BadboE – Break The Funk by auditorydesigns

Highlights on this album for me are the previously released ‘Loose Your Funky Self’, ‘Funky Intro’, ‘The Original Groover’. Some tracks have the problem of having too well known samples, like the rework of Rescue me. Although it does a good job of updating the track to the 21st century in terms of club music, it is a bit spun out too much, from a mere 2:50 to a full 5:09, making it slightly too repetitive. Another ‘down side’ is that the source material could still rock a dance floor on its own, making such a rework nice but not essential. Don’t be afraid though, not many tracks suffer from a too well-known basis, plus It may bother me but for many people the track will probably sound fine. I’m hard to please!

In the end, as an album this set of tracks do please me and it was a pleasure to have to listen to it for this review. A few more tracks that are worth a mention are ‘Break the Blues’ featuring some aching soul vocals on a bouncy mid-tempo blues break and ‘Spread the Words’ featuring some original vocals by Linn Lavinsky from Phat Old Mamas. The only other original vocal is provided by MC Sens One, who rides the beat of ‘Funky Medley’ with skill even though I can’t always understand what he’s saying.

Too round up this review, it may be too obvious to mention, but this kind of music is best listened to on a good bass heavy system, although the music still sounds great from my teeny macBook speakers. This album deserves a dance floor, but is also well equipped to provide a good listening experience. Unlike some other tracks that are only interesting as long as you can spaz out to them, BadboE has managed to create songs that can also be listened to and enjoyed on a musical level.

As a bonus, BadboE just released a mix for the Australian radio StraightUp, which you can download from here (right-click & save as).

The cd release is postponed till September 28th. It will be available on Kudos and Juno. But you can already buy it digitally at a few stores, sor pick your favourite digital grooves provider: Junodownload, Beatport, DjDownload, Amazon, SoulSeduction, Play.Com & The BBP Website.


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    it’s the shit!!!