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[review] Kinny – Back Street Lust // Remixes (TRUDD010)

September 8th, 2009 . by zephirnl

TRUDD010_Kinny_800x800Ever since the release of ‘Shapes 08:01‘, the track ‘Back Street Lust’ has been a favourite of mine. The funk is so obvious but right on point and the track just makes sense. Diesler really delivered a raw funk backing to Kinny’s down and dirty love lyrics. So when Kinny‘s first album ‘Idle Forest of Chit Chat’ came out half a year ago I was really glad that the track made the cut, but also a bit disappointed that it was the only raw funk track on it. The quality and styles of the other tracks more than made up for my initial disappointment, because the album is so full of good music by Tru Thoughts‘ top producers, and when Kinny is considered, what’s not to like? Another small let down is that ‘Back Street Lust’ got passed when a 7″ was cut from the album, in favour of two other great tracks: Enough Said (feat. The Quantic Soul Orchestra) & Desire (feat. Nostalgia 77). But now there finally is justice. Almost.

Let’s keep the focus on the positive first. What I really love most about Azaxx’ remix, is that it gives the excellent Diesler production of the original a new groove that is much easier to digest for the average visitor in the club. Although I love Diesler’s more staggering version, the steady beat by Azaxx just makes the groove easier to grasp and keep up with. Azaxx also adds a bit of filthy synth which I like and that matches the subject of the lyrics. I could have easily made the sound a bit too ‘80s’, but it fails to go over board, so all is well for Azaxx here.

The Stonephace remix is executed just as you might expect of the band based on their immensely huge jazzy cinematic self-titled effort. When you have the original Hint produced track fresh in the ear, the musical style seems a slight mismatch with the vocals. However this is still a well executed remix, that successfully adds a new perspective to the original version and keeps growing with every listen, just like the Stonephace album still does.

The remixes will be released as a digital single on september 14th, headed by the original Diesler produced track and completed with acapella & instrumental versions of the original tracks as well as the remixes. You get the full package in this single, so why did I say there almost is justice now? Because it is only released as a digital single. While in my opinion this track and its remixes deserve some vinyl love. Especially since the Azaxx remix seems perfect for the clubs, while the Stonephace LP selling out at release seems to indicate a certain love for vinyl in the Stonephace lover’s camp. So I urge you to either pester Tru Thoughts with demands for vinyl, or just accept the digital single for what it’s worth and see if you can get just the remixes seperately. And buy that album if you haven’t already, it’s a steal!


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