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No MFF at Supernatural's Big Funky Disco

September 16th, 2009 . by zephirnl

Contrary to what is stated on the tickets and website for the Supernatural Funky Disco, we are not DJing there saturday september 19th. We were approached for it, but they decided to reduce the number of stages from 2 down to 1 at the last minute and we were among the DJs that were cancelled. The gig was never on the site or agenda here, because we were only asked if we were interested and never officially confirmed. I did not know until today that we were on the site and tickets and just heard a few days ago that we would not be booked after all.

Supernatural did say they wanted to book us for one of their future indoor editions which are rumoured to soon be featuring monthly in Club Lux. So we’ll see that when it happens, for now, the first upcoming date to enjoy us is:

Sept 25th Piscine Bleue & Mama’s Funky Flow @ F*dge (SJU)


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