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[review] DrawBar – ReOrganized (Remixed) [CRS036]

October 8th, 2009 . by zephirnl

DrawBar ReOrganized sleeve@organzola posted his ‘Woohoo’ to twitter already, which translates roughly to: Finally the DrawBar Remixed 12″ is out!

It’s called DrawBar Reorganized, and contains remixes by Dr Rubberfunk, JD73, Black Grass, AIFF and is completed by a rework by the gentlemen themselves and just like the album it’s on CounterPoint Records.

For me as a DJ, a release that features or even completely consists of remixes is something worth paying attention to. The five tracks are all good reworks, but for my personal taste, there are three better ones and two lesser ones. I am not a big fan of the sounds of the Black Grass and JD73 reworks, for me they are too smooth and taste too much like disco.

The AIFF rework however is exactly what you’d expect from these afrolicious musicians, and they had the luck to be able to work on and with the vocals of ‘What’s the Matter’. The AIFF version turned out just as good as the original album cut, but however funky it may be, it will not rock my dance floor I’m afraid. Dr Rubberfunk does come close and has already made it ‘into the crate’. He takes some base elements from ‘Broken & Battered’ and whips them up into a mid tempo funk roller, keeping the sweet warped saxophone, vocal and organ (duh) and introducing a fonky guitar lick and some shakin’ beats. Then there’s one more track on the EP left undiscussed; a rework of ‘track’ by DrawBar themselves, taking the original track a step up into breakbeat territory, providing a more up tempo take on the original, which was more of a down tempo DJ Shadow type excursion.

To summarize, this EP shows that other artists are inspired to whip up DrawBar’s originals into new shapes, but for me this mainly makes me curious to new ‘original’ material from DrawBar, and Dr Rubberfunk for that matter. With regard to this EP; I like the originals better or just as much, but a score of 3 out of 5 ain’t bad.

So if you want to buy (please do), you should be able to do so at kudos here, but at the moment of posting the status still displays ‘NR’ (meaning not released yet). The EP should be released as digital & 12″ so keep an eye out at Juno Download too?


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