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[review] The Bamboos – Turn It Up (feat. Lyrics Born) [TRUDD012]

October 9th, 2009 . by zephirnl

TRUDD012_The Bamboos “Turn It Up” featuring Lyrics Born – Digital single by The Bamboos. First thoughts when reading the press release: Party! Then, upon hearing it the first time: Party! But upon repeated listening, Hysterics Born’s voice starts to get a tad annoying, as he is singing at the top of his, no, scratch that. He is screaming his lungs out the entire track. But still, the Bamboos do the instrumental duties as only the Bamboos can and Lyrics Born practically can do no wrong in my book since his Poets of Rhythm-backed ‘I Changed My Mind‘. And in my DJ guts I feel this is a good club track, that will do fine as a supporting single for the party spirit that should turn up the 10 years of existence of Tru Thoughts with a massive exclamation mark.

Press Release:
The Bamboos’ upcoming single sees the Aussie kings of funk  hooking up with Californian hip hop sensation Lyrics Born, one of the best loved, most critically acclaimed and biggest selling independent hip hop artists of the last decade. This track is already causing a stir with fans of hip hop, funk, rock and pop alike, so whatever your stylistic leanings, if you’re a sucker for a catchy mother****er, “Turn It Up” will have its wicked way with you.

For now, the only way to get it is to order the Tru Thoughts 10 Year Anniversary Book from Etchshop and have it delivered to you a week before official release by having it shipped NOW (since October 2nd). The track will also be released as a digital single on October 12th and might appear on the next Bamboos album (but no-one knows for sure). Oh and just so you know: Tru Thoughts also have a anniversary tee, which I personally find rather ugly, but hey, it’s a party isn’t it? And as a final anniversary ‘gift’, TT whipped up these small interviews with TT artists Belleruche, Flevans, Natural Self and Lance Ferguson & Kylie Auldist, which are worth checking out if you want to know a little bit more about these fine musicians. So go Turn It Uuuuuup!


3 Responses to “[review] The Bamboos – Turn It Up (feat. Lyrics Born) [TRUDD012]”

  1. taco Says:

    zeker wel genietbaar. t is geen changed my mind (maar daar zeg je me ook wel wat).

  2. cptnemo Says:

    Shirt’s pretty nice! Too bad you *have* to buy the 10 Year Book too…

  3. zephir Says:

    @cptnemo: If you had told me earlier, I’d have ordered you that shirt. I already had the CD delivered last friday.