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[review] Deep Street Soul – Full package: 7", 12" & LP

December 6th, 2009 . by zephirnl


I can be very short about this band. If you like raw funk then this is a no-brainer. Buy this music! There are two shiny discs of black gold that harbour every deliciously raw tune these funksters have ever put out and it’s all good!

The tracks I think stand out most are ‘Kick Out The Jams’, ‘Greenbacks’ and ‘Red Raw’. The two vocal tunes on the Deep Street Soul LP are available as a 7″ release, but although these two tracks do deserve to be put out as a single, I’m afraid to say that you’d be better off to just buy the LP. The album includes the two vocal tunes, but also a slew of instrumental deep raw funk that would make the Meters proud (although they might think it all to sound a bit too punky). The track ‘Red Raw’ is just a sublime piece of real raw instrumental deep funk. There is nothing I can think of that could improve this song more. It’s one of those songs that is guaranteed to have people come up to a DJ and ask what that tune is. Hear for yourself after the fold!

Deep Street Soul – Deep Street Soul by Freestyle Records

Chilli Fried EP

All other tracks come close to this quality and I couldn’t point out any filler tracks if my life depended on it. There’s some uptempo tracks (which are good), some slow tracks (equally good) and some medium tempo tracks (still just as good). The only boring thing about this LP might be its consistency. This disc consistently rocks in the most funky kind of way. And to prove that this band will probably be here for a while to please our funky ears & dancing feet in the future, Freestyle has collected all their previous material, remastered it and put it out as an EP.

It’s my humble opinion that this is the best deep funk album of the year, and I’m very glad that Freestyle picked these funky-ass australians up and gave them a proper vinyl release.  So what exactly can you buy to help this band keep making righteously funky pearls? There’s a 12″ of collected previous releases called the ‘Chilli Fried EP’, a new 7″ with two vocal tracks off the LP and last but not least the ‘Deep Street Soul LP’ (released november 16th). Buy them all at Freestyle’s ‘own’ webshop KudosRecords, or at your favourite vinyl shack down the road.

If you’d like to read more, please consider the excellent reviews at Kick Out the Jams/Greenbacks 7″, Deep Street Soul LP.


One Response to “[review] Deep Street Soul – Full package: 7", 12" & LP”

  1. taco Says:

    klinkt behoorlijk goed bij eerste luisterbeurt! beter dan veel wat freestyle verder uitbrengt.