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[review] The Bamboos – On the Sly 12" (TRU211)

December 19th, 2009 . by zephirnl

ontheslyAlthough I thoroughly love the deep funk & soul grooves by the Bamboos, I feel that in these songs, the sparkle is missing. Sure, Kylie Auldist has the soul and she pours it all out like she should in ‘On the Sly’. And yes, Lyrics Born provides floor filling shouty lyrics on ‘Turn it Up’ (reviewed as a digital single a while back). But I think musically I’d expect The Bamboos to up the ante more. ‘On the Sly’ does not really add anything new to the existing collaborations between Lance and Kylie (previous Bamboos, Cooking on 3 Burners & Kylie Auldist solo). And the Turn it Up track is decent, but not what I’d expect from a collaboration by two of my favourite artists.

Maybe I am too harsh on The Bamboos, maybe I expect too much, but as it stands they have managed to underwhelm me a few times now. Don’t get me wrong though, I still think this is good and proper Funk/Soul material. I just expected more, or different, or better from these guys. So, although it’ll be nice to have ‘Turn It Up’ on vinyl for the old skool DJ’s, I think I’ll just wait for the album to drop. Mind you, this material is still good enough to keep me on the lookout for that ‘4’ album. But it’s just not good enough to want to go to etchshop and order immediately.

In the mean time, enjoy this video of ‘On the Sly’:


4 Responses to “[review] The Bamboos – On the Sly 12" (TRU211)”

  1. taco Says:

    hmm. eigenlijk vinnik deze zo slecht nog niet. maar misschien is mijn smaak wat betreft de Bamboos wel tegenovergesteld aan die van jou. ik vin ze normaal gesproken altijd wat braaf, plastikkerig en een beetje clichematig. dit nummer mag ik wel qua net iets rauwere drums, niet al te retro stijl en fijne blazers.

    mooi nummer.

  2. taco Says:

    trouwens, iets huishoudelijks. ik probeer naar oudere posts te gaan, maar ik blijf steeds bij de meeste recente hangen als ik op ‘Go back in time’ klik

  3. zephir Says:

    Hmm that’s not what’s supposed to happen!. Ik zal er eens naar kieken als ik tijd heb binnenkort. Het is overigens wel mogelijk om per categorie verder terug de tijd in te gaan.

  4. monkeyboxing Says:

    i’m with you on the lyrics born track but ‘on the sly’ goes off big style – best thing with kylie on since cookin on 3 burners ‘settle the score’ or a coupla cuts on her solo lp the other year! happy new year btw!