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[review] Dalindèo & Timo Lassy (Ricky Tick)

March 2nd, 2010 . by zephirnl

Ricky Tick is a label that is not constanly on my radar, although they consistently release quality jazz and the occasional funk/soul album (stance brothers). With the releases discussed in this review, by Dalindèo and Timo Lassy, they still manage to show their passion for quality and soul in jazz. Both albums display energy and composing skills, combined with obvious joy in performance.

Another common denominator is that they both feature one amazing guest vocalist on two equally amazing tracks. The enchanting Bajka performs the vocals on ‘soundtrack for the sound eye’, adding extra depth and mystery to the in itself already cinematic backdrop of dalindèo’s orchestra. For Timo Lassy, golden boy Jose James pours some dark syrupy soul out over the jazz grooves laid down by Lassy and fellow musicians.

But don’t think that the only good thing about these albums is the vocal addition of two jazz greats. Dalindeo does a great job of scoring unseen dark jazz scenes with authentic sounds that are fresh and youthful at the same time. This also applies to Timo Lassy, albeit in his own genre of swinging uptempo jazz.

Being more of a funk/soul head myself I am not able to pin the genre, but I do know that of the similar artists I am familiar with Lassy is on par with Benjamin Hermann as far as I’m concerned. Also, I definitely like José James better on this than on his latest solo offering. The band that springs to mind as a reference for Dalindèo, maybe too obvious, is Cinematic Orchestra, sans electronics. But this should be taken as a compliment!


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