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Mama's Funky Flow

DJ Set 02-04-2010 @ Fudge (SJU)

May 7th, 2010 . by zephirnl

Tonight is May 7th: BCUC & Mama’s Funky Flow @ Fudge (SJU) but if you cannot attend, or want a little pre-party at home, here is the recording of our previous gig, one month ago. Don’t worry if you catch this anytime later, the mix will still be funky as hell, with:

  1. the freshest cuts you’ll find at this lat/long,
  2. soul that hits you in the heart like a can of whoop-ass
  3. the dopest beats from computers as well as vintage drum kits

Or, as we have learned from the brilliant SouthPark:

  1. Shake what Ya mama gave Ya
  2. Profit!

The bottom line. We make it funky, you move it any way you like! One more thing, We will continue to rock the first friday of the month, and will update the schedule this weekend. Okay, here it comes:


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