Mama's Funky Flow
Like funky sushi we only serve fresh ingredients, wrapped around a core of raw Funk!

Mama's Funky Flow

June 4th: Tracin' Tracy & Mama’s Funky Flow @ Fudge (SJU)

May 16th, 2010 . by zephirnl

Tracin’ Tracy play what they call ‘urban jazz‘, a combination of acid jazz and hard bop from the sixties and seventies. The band is inspired by a variety of styles, including zhouk, ragga, jazz & punk. It sounds like it could be interesting, so check out their site(s)!

Afterwards it is our pleasure to treat you to dope tunes: old & new, black & white, local & global, as long as it’s Funky Fresh!

With: Mama’s Funky Flow (cptNemo feat. Krizz)

Band: Tracin’ Tracy (myspace)

Damage: 10 euros. (RSVP @


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