Mama's Funky Flow
Like funky sushi we only serve fresh ingredients, wrapped around a core of raw Funk!

Mama's Funky Flow


Mama’s Funky Flow is a funky DJ-team that serves you raw funk, rugged hiphop and phat beats. With Mama’s Funky Flow you can count on a diverse musical diët, flavoured with one important ingrediënt: Funk! Mama’s Funky Flow are part of the resident dj’s of the SJU-huis.

Mama’s Funky Flow members are:

  • cpt. Nemo (DJ, VJ, Design)
  • Zephir (DJ, webcontent) www
  • Krizz (Founder, DJ) www

Mama’s Funky Flow would not exist without the SJUhuis. We also would like to thank the people that jam(med) along with us on the DJ sets.

Contact us here: mail {-a-t-} mffonline {-d-o-t-} com

cptNemo & Zephir also work under other names in other styles:

  • Both are part of Handsome ThreeSome (with DJ Macamba) (broad styles, often more Electro-House / Breakbeat oriented, see GueRaTa).
  • cptNemo is also active as M.U.S.I.C. (Electro, Progressive, Techno, see VerseStroom).
  • Zephir is also known as Zee in the duo FreaQ-n-Zee (with DJ Macamba) (Party Music from all genres).

Since we don’t have unlimited diskspace, our mixes will be online for a limited time. However, if you think that a mix should be online but it’s not there, please contact us.

If you want your material featured or provide us with fresh funky music, feel free to send us your promotional material! If you do not like us promoting your music and/or do not want your track featured in one of our mixes/podcasts, contact us and we will remove the offending material.