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Blue Screen Of Death (STOP 0x0000008e) On Windows Xp Mce Reinstall

Unless you are quite a techie, it would be best to take it to a computer shop. Major problem: I receive an array of stop errors, varying from starting IE or MS Word to browsing the internet to turning on my computer. If it is a new disk as you say, I would take it back and have it replaced or have them test and format it for you. Jesse Cooper on In the event the PC turns out unable of overcoming all such errors one sees it crash. http://mffonline.com/blue-screen/blue-screen-of-death-on-windows-xp.php

Those are the 2 most common causes for stop error 0×00000050. SID on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 12:34 pm thanks i'll try that in a bit the stop error i In most cases the error is caused by new hardware or a driver update (maybe you have Windows set to auto-update). Windows XP, Windows 2000, and ... Uninstalling and reinstaling the antivirus, that wasn't the problem. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/blue-screen-of-death-stop-0x0000008e-on-windows-xp-mce-reinstall.49389/

Sign In Become an Icrontian Sign In · Register All Discussions Categories Categories All Discussions Activity Best Of... I have formatted my whole HD through Partition Magic but still i am geting the same errors. After that, report back what happens with both. Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums Community Ask a Question Today's Posts Blue screen of death (STOP 0x0000008e) on windows xp mcereinstall Bynicku May 3, 2006 Past week my pc has decided

That may not be the solution, but it's worth a try. Anthony Robin on Sun, 19th Jul 2009 12:49 pm I have this error: The Device Driver stuck in an infinite loop. … STOP: 0x000000ea (0xFFFFFA800BF018A0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000) There is I'd rather it be the memory so that I don't lose anything valuable. Other than that it could still be a RAM problem, so the memory test still make sense in case you did not try that. Vibhuti on Wed, 26th Aug 2009

Any help would be greatly appreciated. jeffrey on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 3:41 pm hi. After it loads the files...it gives me the 0x0000008e error. More...>> What If Your Laptop Is Malfunctioning: In case you have been adjusting BIOS memory settingsset everything back as prior to STOP 0x0000008E BSOD occurrence. I have two RAM sticks of 512MB each.

When I tried to boot into recovery disc I got a blue screen. thnx alot u r doing a gr8 job there,,,hope to hear from u soon. Anthony on Sun, 23rd Aug 2009 6:17 am @Muntaha Masood - If the initial problem was I'm not even sure if you can downgrade to w98 but anywho when I load it, it pretty much does the same thing and leads me back to this "BSOD" : Some more on this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/228888 So I do not think the .NET framework nor the AV software has to be the cause, it could be that .NET update is using a

Right-click Computer in the Start menu, and then select Manage. please lemme know how to fix it. I had a friend a few months ago coming in and (I think) tweaking my BIOS. Now I don't know anything about hardware so if I could avoid anything like "removing ram sticks" it would be awesome. -----PC Specs------ HP Pavilion a1487c PD 3.0 ghz 2x 512

I'm very tired to fix my computer. http://mffonline.com/blue-screen/blue-screen-windows-stop-error.php this was included: stop: 0x0000005 0x804D92c2 0xF7E875C4 0x00000000 also, the power supply seemed to be very warm to the touch. Anthony Chris on Wed, 22nd Jul 2009 2:41 am Thank for your previous help Anthony, I wanted to also add that I put my pc together 1 year ago, and THANKS A LOT GUYS!

It will produce a BSOD with an error code. No idea why. So you can boot into the Bios (in most cases F2 during boot) and see if you can disable the ACPI setting in the power section of the menu. http://mffonline.com/blue-screen/blue-screen-of-death-on-windows-7-64-bit.php if those are even drivers?

Edit- on the other hand, on closer reading, the BSOD suggests that I check for BIOS updates. Thank you so much for your help. Anthony on Wed, 22nd Jul 2009 3:23 am @Chris - 1 Year is pretty recent, so things should not break already! Ntoskrnl error was gone but now instead I got blue screen again.

You could try pressing the Pause/Break button, that used to work on some older computers.

Now, even if I click the wi-fi bluetooth button in the keyboard and it gets activated within minutes it is crashing. RESOLUTION To troubleshoot this behavior, follow these steps: 1.Remove some of the memory modules that are installed on the computer. Ben Anthony on Fri, 17th Jul 2009 2:04 pm @Ben - Great to see you were able to solve it that way. I received a new BSOD moments after an update was successfully installed: Update to.NET Framewok 3.5 Service Pack 1 for the .NET Framework Assistant 1.0×86(KB963707).

Anthony Ryan on Fri, 10th Jul 2009 2:46 pm Hi Anthony, I'm having serious blue screen problems mostly IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and sometimes PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and I really don't know how to fix We also tried to restart with the disks and still back to blue screen. I do not know of any registry setting that will allow you to manually disable the hardware acceleration… unfortunately. http://mffonline.com/blue-screen/blue-screen-of-death-on-new-notebook-with-windows-7.php I'd also get a copy of SuperAntiSpyware from http://superantispyware.com but it will NOT install in safe mode.

But these tools use virtual drivers to simulate a drive when mounting an image, so there is probably where your friends system now fails. Categories 45951 All Categories6598 Gaming 16745 Hardware 19273 Science & Tech 1855 Internet & Media 849 Lifestyle 28053 Community My Fix for the STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005... Did you see any file name on the blue screen (xxxx.sys or something)? Michael on Mon, 3rd Aug 2009 1:07 pm I finally fixed my blue screen problem with your Advertisements Latest Threads LG teases new G6 smartphone Becky posted Jan 19, 2017 at 12:30 PM WCG Stats Thursday 19 January 2017 WCG Stats posted Jan 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM

After that, report back what happens with both. 0 cryssteen Jan 2009 edited Jan 2009 Thrax wrote: Cryssteen, can you do me a favor and run this program and this program Thanks again! I also pressed F2 during boot and selected "Load Optimal Default" in the BIOS. Thanks it was a terrific help.

More About Us... Anthony Nicki on Wed, 24th Jun 2009 1:03 am Anthony, I recently booted my computer with normal startup (I had it on selective with the anti-virus turned off). I have been recieving the blue screen more frequently lately, at least once a day now. message that you may receive randomly in Windows XP: "Stop 0x0000008E".

So since you already have the latest driver for the wifi, you could try updating the other drivers. Download Partition Logic and format a partition as NTFS. I only think I think, apart from that it's a lot of trial and error!