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Can I Connect My Laptop With My Tower Motherboard?


Thomas Ryan The motherboard's I/O shield. The top layer must be between a normal nut and a locknut . Thanks for your tips!ahh... Yes | No | I need help

2 Disconnect every peripheral device from your motherboard, remove all of the RAM sticks but one (put it in slot 1), remove USB connectors http://mffonline.com/can-i/can-i-mix-brass-and-plastic-motherboard-standoffs.php

When you save a file, the data is copied back to the hard drive. I built it over about a 3 month period right as the Haswell line was being released. I'm not sure what the problem is? i jus want to view my car porch in my bedroom.

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Static electricity can be transmitted through the computer circuits, which can seriously damage your machine.Expansion cardsMost computers have expansion slots on the motherboard that allow you to add various types of Most motherboards will produce a beep code similar to the POST beep if it detects that no RAM is installed. I have the mother board, LCD screen, hard drive, charger and have made a case for it.

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See more questions like this: How can I fix my recovery boot white screen error Motherboard diagnosis, problem, etc? The CPU fits into the motherboard's CPU socket, which is covered by the heat sink, an object that absorbs heat from the CPU.A processor's speed is measured in megahertz (MHz), or Did you eliminate the battery? Asus Motherboard Bypassing everything else...

If it doesn't work, your drive is dead, or not powered correctly. Laptop Motherboard right? Reply Bla January 21, 2011 at 8:11 pm there are also kits for some notebooks that allow you to replace your dvd-drive with a second hdd. YesNo Feedback E-mail Share Print Search Recently added pages View all recent updates Useful links About Computer Hope Site Map Forum Contact Us How to Help Top 10 pages Follow us

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13Try to boot back up.Was this step helpful? Gigabyte Motherboard But in general, if your computer doesn't even have SATA (which was created 10 years ago, by the way), then it probably isnt much good to run win7... Because of this, many people add extra RAM to their computers to improve performance.Hard driveThe hard drive is where your software, documents, and other files are stored. You can also find his work at SemiAccurate.com and his musings on Twitter.

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No, there really isn't another way to do it. Warnings Keep all liquids away. Desktop To Laptop Conversion So I've got an i7-4770k, Intel Extreme motherboard (which I regret going with, but still paid a pretty penny for), 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866Mhz DDRAM, Motherboards Perhaps it's time for a fresh "what to do with an old (IDE hard drive based) PC" article?

select the partition (the box indicating old drive with drive letter, for example D, which needs extra space) 3a. this content In tech speak, this is commonly called as "breadboarding." This step is essential to check for shorting or grounding issues. Want to join in? Yes | No | I need help

2 Remove the RAM and the third-party video card (if there is any) and power up your computer. Motherboard Price

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10 If the fans spin, then add more peripherals one by one. Reply Robert March 20, 2015 at 11:37 am Can I add my old hardrive to a newer machine? Why does my monitor show a blank screen? http://mffonline.com/can-i/can-i-put-a-new-8xagp-card-in-my-4xapg-motherboard.php There doesn't seem to be any more ports, is there any way to connect my second HDD with my Steam games on it?

Different motherboards have different numbers of SATA ports, and older machines may even only have one. Cpu The exact amount you must leave to each side depends solely on your craftsmanship. ... 4 Step 4: Middle cover Cut another acrylic sheet, the same size as the one that ASUS A8n5x motherboard ran fine for months and today, I can't even get to the BIOS screen. - re seated RAM - re-positioned RAM - changed out to a known working

You can get an ATX to SATA power adaptor very cheap.

To do this, you will need to take the Tablet apart, and then attach the battery. Now you've got a list of motherboards compatible with your CPU—and the board's size is the next consideration. The next day, the 2nd time my cursor disappeared the internet signal was still on, as the last few times. Pc Part Picker Don’t force anything and accidentally break your pricey hardware.

or are these the only 2 sata ports the ThinkServer has? dustinhunt78Mar 13, 2014, 9:32 PM USAFRet said: dustinhunt78 said: Is there another way to do it then? Some keyboards have USB ports as well that you can plug your mouse into. check over here That way you know which is which, or you can just remove them and cycle them one at a time.Was this step helpful?

Entertainment Sling TV vs. However, since last year it has refused to accept (showing please enter a drive during bootup) almost 3 hard drives which I almost thought to be corrupt and replaced the same. There are other components you could have damaged, such as flexing the board and causing a hairline fracture in a connection, or damaging either your RAM or processor when removing the Was this step helpful?

So, in the case your new HDD has no active partition (windows is not installed in it – it is used as an internal flash drive for storage purpose), I personally Step 8: Install Sliding the drive into the cage is the hardest part as sometimes it can be blocked by a large video card or other cables. other than that, very good, 5*How did you get around the VGA out option? My Lenovo B500 All in One was not powering up.

Tie me down: The ultimate guide to... All external devices are OFF. After Windows started to reload it was taking forever so I finally decided to just shut it down, but it wouldn't turn off. Click EDIT to write this answer.

Best answer USAFRetMar 13, 2014, 9:25 PM dustinhunt78 said: Is there another way to do it then? The location of these jumpers and the process to reset the CMOS by using them vary from one motherboard brand to another, so the best way to get a hold of So what could be the problem now?. Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums TechSpot Core Build a PC Today's Posts Can I connect my laptop with my towermotherboard?