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Can I Use My Old Memory From My P3 With My P4?


Learn to be a power user. Right click on your desktop, go to properties, ... 3 Step 3: Exit Background ProgramsTurning off the programs running in the background of your computer can hugely increase you computer speed. When a P4 overheats the CPU slows down. To do this, right click on your desktop, go to properties, go to wallpaper, and click on none, then click apply. « PreviousNext »View All Steps Download

Xtra-PC is a small thumb http://mffonline.com/can-i/does-pc-800-memory-need-to-be-installed-in-equal-pairs.php

Thanks!The RAM programs seem to work for me, I have 2 different ones on 2 different computers and when there on the computer seems to work faster, I'm not sure if Maybe your new computer's hard disk is highly fragmented? there is a list of visual effects listed that you can toggle. sigh...the early lcd technology has improved vastly, I gave the damn thing away because it was nauseous looking at it.i agree.defraging doesnt add much speed. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/can-i-use-my-old-memory-from-my-p3-with-my-p4.30472/

Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Computer

There is a program present in Windows XP that is accessible specifically for the reason of startup configuration (and other configuration as well). Will definitely like my computer to be faster. No upgrading your sound card probably won't make any difference unless it's really old or really cheap, either way a sound card should be able to process the sound stream without It works with any computer (Mac or Windows) laptop, desktop, and netbooks made in 2004 or later and it is hands down the fastest, easiest solution to getting yourself a new

But your system should be at least a as fast as your P3 800. Say you bit torrent, a lot of people use Azerus, which is a Java powered program, and is naturally very resource demanding when not optimized properly, this program could run up I'm surprised you didn't mention Defraging or Disk Cleanup. Moving Hard Drive To New Computer Windows 10 You're fairly mis-informed, and you gotta start somewhere.

IF you really want a picture on the desktop, re-tune it. Collection Intro Intro: How to Make Your Computer Faster and Speed it Up!Easy to follow instructions on how to easily speed up your computer. 1 Step 1: Remove the WallpaperRemoving the It makes sense; It pretty much needs that whole picture in memory it can redisplay the background as you move windows around. You might be suprised just howmany programs automatically load and then hog resources everytime you turn on your computer!
In all honesty if removing the desktop wallpaper really speeds up your computer,

If all that fails you might want to consider reformatting or just getting a new pc.He also doesn't mention how a computer made in the windows 98 era was made to What Kind Of Power Connector Does A Floppy Disk Drive Typically Use? thanks for such a simple but profound idea.LMAO!!! Start/run/taskmgr.exe to see what's running and what's using processor time. (Viruses, trojans or spyware slowing you down? And as always, RAM is good stuff to add to your computer (especially right now!). 5 2/26/2003 (12:36 am) by John Gagliardi John Gagliardi (6 Posts) You could use more

Can I Put My Old Harddrive In A New Computer

In most cases, they will severly hurt your computer's performance!The bad thing is, these programs will restart everytime you restart your computer. my company Oh wait, I sorta just did. 7 4/9/2003 (5:23 am) by MBW MBW (4 Posts) thanks for everyone's replies. Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Computer It's not going to be able to do anything extreme, but it's more than decent with 3Ghz. Adding Old Hard Drive To New Computer is it a simple straight swap? 9 5/16/2004 (3:41 pm) by Ray Bay Ray Bay (3949 Posts) It has everything to do with the motherboard and its BIOS, and very,

Yet, use a handy little program that only takes up 200Kb on your disk, barely uses 5 megs of your ram, and lets my cpu idle at 0-2 cycles with it Good stuff.Additionally, if you want to get "ambitious", you could add the following shortcut: - right click on a blank part of the desktop - create a shortcut - right click I think your problem may be heat. with my computer, it makes it slower.The wallpaper speedup seems to be a memory issue. Can I Use My Old Harddrive In A New Computer

Good job! Stability&Crashing: If your computer crashes even through reinstalls, that could be due to a faulty or not powerful enough PSU (Power supply) and when a load such as a game occurs i finally went ahead and added 256MB for a total of 384MB. The ram program, I would not reccomend ANYONE using this program unless you're a speed-freak and honestly cannot afford any more ram.

If you have an older computer around the P2/P3 era, you can find some decent cpu's for these machines at a decent price. Swapping Hard Drives Between Computers Basically you aren't going to speed your computer up much (20-30% in extreme tweaking situations) from using OS tweaks, and can often lead to instability as the OS obviously doesn't have Crop it.

Right click on any program in the task bar you don't ... 4 Step 4: Download a RAM ProgramThere are many programs available that allow you to free up RAM on

BE WARNED, changes you make here can seriously mess up your computer. Format your hard-disk after particular time span. Regardless, go to Start >> Run and sort msconfig which will raise a framework menu. Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Laptop It seems to me that by the time you account for the extra program swapping in and out, the cpu ticks required to run it, and the overhead of conteplating ones'

In any case, go to Start >> Run and type msconfig which will bring up a system menu. It'll help speed up your computer, sure, but the way it DOES that is by booting a Linux distro in place of your regular Windows/macOS machine.

If you really want to do i also find this useful blog to give me steps to fix the computer http://fixingblog.com/top-10-tricks-quick-smart-steps-speedup-windows-computer/ and see if this solves this issue and make it faster . It is always better to get a slower proc with more RAM than vice versa.

are these compatable? To do this, right click on your desktop, go to ... 2 Step 2: Change the ThemeSimply changing the way windows looks can drastically increase you computers speed, try changing from Notice I didn't even recommend replacing the mobo and processor. P4: The P4 CPU is slower than a P3 CPU and gets its speed from a "HIGHER" MHz clock.

Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.Wallpapers and themes are only "eye candies." It really bogs down your system.
searching the unknown processes They have tons of others with prices ranging from $39.99-$599.99. Username: Password: Cancel Forgot Username / Password? Perhaps the 80GB HD has a slower track-to-track seek time and your pagefile is setup differently?

I don't want to spend $$ on more RAM just to find it's still slower than my 2 year old P3. A good 30-40% of your computer's performance outcome is due in part to your computer using skills/style. You can get good computers for less than $200 at computer liquidators suich as factorydirect.ca. This is once in a while a chose alternative when you are introducing a system.

If you have an older style 5400rpm (revolutions per minute) hard disk, upgrading to a newer 7200rpm disc will definatly give you a snappier performance boost, genereally having a new hard You can also buy the Refurbished Desktop Computers which are available in market at cheap rate and gives better performance compared to the old PC's.We have a "be nice" comment there is also radio buttons at the top for best appearance or best performance.Wow, I didn't even know that was there, thanks.All great solutions. Never get the cheapest thing out there, RAM-wise.

Thanks in advance for your help! 2 2/9/2003 (11:29 pm) by admin Staff admin (24314 Posts) Mbwu, That is odd. Could it be defective?