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Anytime my computer is left untouched it freezes

BSOD sometimes when the PC is booting up or after viewing a YouTube clip

BSODs and total freezes only when gaming

Can backlight/inverter cause random freeze/restart?

Can RAM cause game freezes ?

Choppy video & sound & lockups

Comp froze up and I need help

Comp freezes when media loads

Comp random freezing

Comp crashing during gameplay after upgrade to GTX 560 Ti

Computer crashing/freezing on a daily basis

computer crashes with STOP or reboot

Computer constantly freezing

Computer freezes during games

Computer freezing and not booting

Computer Freezes

Computer Freezes Up Randomly

Computer freezes at normal clock rates

Computer freezes when playing a game

Computer freezes 2 to 3 mins after boot up

Computer Freezing

Computer freezes when i ask it to do multiple tasks at once

Computer hangs for sometime

Computer freezes during heavy load everytime

Computer freezes during boot-up.

computer frezzes after any video clock change

Computer frequently freezing with new components

Computer freezes about 15 - 20 minutes after logon

Computer hangs/BSOD while surfing the net

Computer freezes in certain situations

Computer freezes when playing .Avi

Computer Freezes Up at "Low" Temps

Computer froze during gaming

Computer Freezes Playing Games

Computer continually freezes during boot up

Computer freezes on games

Computer Freezes Reboots Crashes in 3dgame or 3dapp

Computer freezes after 5-20minutes of gameplay in CoD4

Computer Freezes When Idle

Computer freezes permanently

Computer freezing abnormally

Computer Freezes HELP

Computer freezes randomly when PCI devices are installed

Computer Freezes Alot

computer freezes when i open programs

Computer freezed

Computer freezes after 30 minutes of playing games

Computer locks-up in Screen-saver mode

computer freezes and reboots

Computer crashing randomly during any download

Computer freezing and stuff

Computer freezing locking up.

Computer freezes at startup

computer freezes then doesn't load

Computer Freezes after

computer frezzez during booting

Computer freezing- video card may be culprit but.

Computer locking up in large downloads

Computer freezing when doing stuff on the internet

Computer freezes often.

Computer freezes during gaming

Computer freezes for a minute or so and then "comes back"

Computer freezing in games (inexperienced in hardware)

Computer freezes after new video card installation

Computer Freezes when booting

Computer is randomly Hanging

Computer locks up/freezes during gameplay

Computer freezes up when when running most programs

Computer freezes on startup but only after restarts

Computer locking up randomly

Computer freezes during gameplay

Computer keeps freezing after log in

Computer reboots and sometimes freezes

Computer Randomly Freezes Up With No Good Reason.

Computer locks up randomly

Computer Freezes on Boot

Comp freezes

Computer no longer works after period of inactivity

Computer keeps freezing up randomly for long intervals

Computer freezes up

Computer freezes with audio stuttering during all games

Computer freezes/locks up and now also restarts

Computer randomly freezes and unfreezes

Computer restarting or freezing usually when loading desktop

Computer Freezes After Bootup

Computer screen freezes

Computer randomly freezes up. Really need some help.

Computer restarting/ freezing

Computer lock up on almost all applications

Computer restarts and freezes

Computer crashing at desktop.

Computer randomly shutdowns or freezes

Computer will not boot (hangs

Computer Turns itself off or freezes unexpectedly

Computer freezes during boot

Computers Freezing for 20 seconds

Computer Runs Then Freezes

Computers Are ALL Freezing

Constant sudden freezings

Constant computer freezing

Constant Freezing

Cpu Freeze

Crash during video playback

CPU freezes

Custom built computer locks for no apparent reason

Desktop freezes

Dell Inspiron locks up/freezes programs when downloading

Desk top freeses

Dell PC freezes once starting up

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