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Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet

Can not connect to the internet and wireless does not come up

Cannot access Internet but can get e-mail

Can connect to wireless network

Cannot connect to internet

Cannot connect to internet through a browser

Cannot connect to the internet?

Cannot connect wireless Internet

Can no longer connect to the Internet

Cannot access the internet

Cannot connect to the network

cannot connect to internet using network connection

Cannot connect to localhost

Cannot access internet

Cannot connect to wireless network any more

Cannot connect to Wireless

Cannot get internet connection

Cannot get wireless connection unless unprotected

Can connect to internet

Cannot connect to a MMORPG server.

Can't connect to wireless connections

Can't connect to Windows Vista PC from Mac over Ethernet

Can't connect to the Internet?

Cannot use internet (though connected)

Cannot access internt via wireless connection.

Cannot connect to net

Cannot connect PC to network or internet

Can't connect to the internet on my desktop computer

Can't connect to Internet after reformat

Can't connect Wireless Modem to Wireless Router

Can't connect to local host or other sites

Cannot connect to my game servers with my static ip address.

Cannot Access The Net.

Can't access the internet on a computer

Can't connect to my campus hotspot

Can't connect to the Internet through Network

Can't connect fourth PC to Internet

Can't access the Internet

Cannot access wireless internet connection

Can't connect 2 computers to Internet

Cant get on to the internet on one computer but can on the other

can't connect to the internet using the wireless

Can't connect to Internet

Can't connect to internet with new wireless card

Can't get wireless router/computer to function together

Can't get the Internet

Can't get online:linux

Can't get access to the internet with new computer

Cant connect

Cannot connect wirelessly to network

Can't connect to modem wirelessly

cant connect to the internet

Can't connect to server

Can't add networked printer to computer?

Can't connect to internet on one pc

Cant make Internet connection

Computer is connected to Internet but Internet doesn't connect

Computer on multiple networks

Computer isn't communicating with router

Computer won't communicate with monitor

computer won't even connect to internet now.

Connecting to wireless networks.only connects to some

Computer won't connect properly to a wireless network

Computer will not connect to internet

Connection Issues - online gaming

Could not able to connect to my localhost

Could not connect to wifi through wireless but could with LAN ethernet

Could not connect to the net (was able to solve this)

Desktop will not connect to internet

Desktop computer no longer connects to Internet

Desktop Wireless network not connecting

Error Message Trying to connect computers

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