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Compaq 8000T Problems With Both DVD Drives.reading CD-Rs


Report Jupimako› Top - Dec 30, 2008 at 01:38 PM Thank you so much!!! button on your keyboard, giving you access to an integrated help and assistance tool from Microsoft and Compaq. this company is just about the sorriest fucking excuse on the planet. If the contents of the disc are copied to other media, the ID will be absent or wrong and the data will not be decryptable. 6) Digital Copy Protection System (DCPS) have a peek at these guys

DVD-R : Added firmware for : Pioneer DVR-A03/103 1.02 (RPC-2 firmware) CD-R : Added firmware for : Traxdata CRW121032 Plus LSRA 08/06/2001 : The discussion forum is back online!!! - The first question-: can i upgrade the shit graphics card and secondly how can i overclock the shit processor?? Patch by XVI - a Patched firmware 1.90 for Nec DV-5800. Added firmware for : DVD-ROM : Aopen DVD-1240/AMH R08 (RPC-2 firmware) Liteon LTD-163 GDH8 (RPC-2 firmware) Pioneer DVD-U04/304S 1.04 (RPC-2 firmware) Pioneer DVD-U05/305S 1.03 (RPC-2 firmware) Samsung SD-616F FS05 (RPC-2 firmware) http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/compaq-8000t-problems-with-both-dvd-drives-reading-cd-rs.51217/

Dvd Drive Not Reading Discs Windows 10

Try burning the disc at 4x before playing it from other computers. Please let know us if it works correctly. - Dean patched RPC-1 firmware for the Ricoh and OEM Combo drives MP9120/MP9060 are confirmed to work !! In spite of compression, Dolby Digital and DTS can be close to or better than CD quality. [1.4] What are the disadvantages of DVD? If the message "device is not ready" is shown, or the screen fails to update after 30 seconds, the disc or the drive may be bad.

You can use the scroll wheel to: ■ Scroll forward or backward through a document or Web site by turning the scroll wheel forward or backward. ■ Autoscroll by pressing down If the discs can be read in the other computer, continue using these steps to troubleshoot the drive. The frontrunner is DTCP (digital transmission content protection), which focuses on IEEE 1394/FireWire but can be applied to other protocols. Dvd Drive Not Reading Windows 8 Click the Help button on the Keyboard Properties dialog box for instructions.

they simply do not want you to buy anything from anyone except them. Dvd Drive Not Reading Discs Windows 7 Do I want selectable sound tracks and subtitles, multiangle viewing, aspect ratio control, parental/multirating features, fast and slow playback, great digital video, multichannel digital audio, compatibility with Dolby Pro Logic receivers, in 1997, 1 million in 1998. In general, region codes don't apply to recordable DVDs.

Drive not found. Dvd Player Not Reading Disc Open the DVD rom bay on your laptop. So I think whatever is wrong is just bunk and Microsoft needs to be able to finally resolve this problem. Push the module carefully and firmly into the slot ensuring that the latches © on both ends snap into place.

Dvd Drive Not Reading Discs Windows 7

Users having SD-R 2002 drive with firmware 1C.. He also updated the NEC FAQ to version 4. - ASID also provided a patched version for NEC DV-5800A Firmware V1.05. Dvd Drive Not Reading Discs Windows 10 Some DVD players can be modified to turn off Macrovision output (see 6.4.2). Dvd Drive Not Working Windows 7 Diskette drive cannot save information to the diskette.

Slide the access panel back about 1 inch (2.54 centimeters), then lift it up and off the unit @. More about the author Double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives. I have 2 drives and they ... Click Add New Programs. 6. Dvd Drive Fixer

spec say you can go up to 2 gb but i haven't been able to find the 2nd slot and or the preinstalled (fix) memory (256mb).anyone has a clue? - by You must log in to your ISP before some programs will start. A: First, you must check the setting on the rear of the drive. http://mffonline.com/dvd-drive/dvd-rom-reading-problems.php Patch by XVI Matshita SR-8586 3Z14 (RPC-2 firmware) CD-R : Added firmware for : Mitsumi CR-4805TE 1.7A Mitsumi CR-4804TU/4824TU USB 3047 (for Mac) Sanyo CRD-BP3 1.03 Sanyo CRD-BP-4 4.28 Sanyo CRD-BP1300

i was happy with my computer to about two months ago. Media In Cd/dvd Drive Is Not Readable How do the aspect ratios work? [3.6] What are the audio details? [3.6.1] Details of DVD-Audio and SACD [3.6.2] Audio details of DVD-Video [3.6.3] Can you explain this Dolby Digital, Dolby Insert the Documentation Library CD into the CD drive.

Added firmware for : DVD+RW : Ricoh MP-5120A 1.37 (RPC-2 firmware) Ricoh RW-5120A 1.37 (RPC-2 firmware) DVD-ROM : QSI SDR-081 EHA8 (RPC-2 firmware) Combo : Matshita CW-8571 1F20 (RPC-2 firmware) CD-R

i downloaded all the drivers from compaq's website, but the network controller is still showing without a driver on the device list. Even though the disc type may be compatible with a 16x burn rate, the playback may be much less compatible in other drives. Stay tuned!! Laptop Dvd Drive Not Working Windows 7 rdram is sort of the villain of the computer world because its creator, rambus, has been bilking royalty payments from sdram manufacturers based on some dubious patents it has.

o USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports Connects USB devices, such as a USB keyboard, mouse, or pointing device. © Serial Port Connects a serial peripheral device, such as a scanner. © If other discs of the same type cannot be read, skip to Step 8 to test the drive to see if the drive has truly failed. The file include disassembler for Hitachi H8, Matsushita 102000, Mitsubishi 7902, Hitachi superH (risc), who are the most used processors in DVD-ROM. http://mffonline.com/dvd-drive/cd-rom-reading-problems.php Over 140 million DVD-ROM drives worldwide. 2003 (fall) 16 million DVD-Video players shipped in the U.S. (Installed base of 73,300,000.) Over 27,000 DVD-Video titles available in the U.S.

DVD : Added firmware for : Acer DVP-1040A 2.00 (RPC-2 firmware) Asus E-612 1.2 (RPC-2 firmware) Matshita SR-8174 C524 (available in original RPC-2 and patched RPC-1 versions X524) Matshita SR-8175 G332 They would play CDs but would not recognize a DVD. DVD-ROM is the base format that holds data. Print This PagePrint ShareShare Url of this page: HTML Link: Bookmark Manuals Brands HP Manuals Desktop Brio BAx User manual HP Brio BAx User Manual: Tips On Using Your Cd-rw Drive;

households (5 million) will have a DVD-V player in 2002; 2% will have a DVD-Audio player. YOU ROCK dj5!!! Where can I get statistics?