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Burner Plays Back 3/4 Speed With Jumpy Audio


After running Malwarebytes (and getting rid of some infections - most likely caused by my none-too-PC-literate partner)), and switching off MS Services, it still did not work. Thank you so much! I pulled the old drive we had the problem with and put it in another machine to test Vista on, and it seemed to handle it just fine, so the problem But there is no DataCheckSum entries or anything that looks like that, so I'm worried to delete anything. http://mffonline.com/dvd-player/dvd-burner-plays-cd-but-does-not-play-dvd.php

This is going to significantly slow (or stop) any progress we can make diagnosing this. If it was recent and you've done a clean reinstall of Windows and got all the requisite drivers, I'd look at hardware. Dec 3, 2006 PC plays random audio ads, tried numerous scanners, HELP! Mark Buckingham I don't use Vista, so I'm not sure what else to recommend other than to search the entire registry for those entries rather than that specific location, as noted

Choppy Dvd Playback

I checked the device manager and the pc is now using ultra dma5 Now i can do some work on a dvd, i promised my wife i would do it if This is the explanation I gathered… sorry if this is old information (which it may be :D) Anyway, thanks for the article, it's helped me more than once! When i get to 4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 folder and open it i have key folder 0001-0009 including properties.

It involves editing the registry, and if you're not completely sure what you're doing here, you may want to ask someone more knowledgeable to help you. The thing being that VLC has a sort of internal codec structure that does not connect to other players. I really appreciate you taking the time to write with all the tips. Windows 10 Dvd Player Jumpy As an avid online-TV watcher, it wasn't long before she discovered the sound and video in the stuff she was watching would stutter often, though it seemed to smooth out as

At any rate, taking the computer off-line solved the problem. Dvd Player Choppy Playback THANKS! I'm working with Vista right now. https://www.videomaker.com/community/forums/topic/choppy-dvd-playback If you tried it and are still having trouble, I'm not sure what else to recommend besides updated drivers or checking to see if it's a genuine hardware problem.

It restored my PC video playing capabilities upon restart. Windows 10 Dvd Player Skipping The hard drive is old/going bad, causing both the choppy video and reboots. 2. Look under Device 0 and it should be set to "DMA if available." If it says "PIO only" instead, change it, click OK, save settings, and reboot. After I realized I could make a song playlist in classic there was no reason not to uninstall power dvd. []Intel 5820K @4.375ghz @1.22v~Asus X99-a usb 3.1~Reeven Ouranos[]Gskill Ripjaws V ddr4-3000[]Gtx

Dvd Player Choppy Playback

Typical laptop warranties are 3 years. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/92007-choppy-audio/ Thanks a lot. Choppy Dvd Playback Thanks In Advance! Choppy Dvd Playback On Blu Ray Player Couldn't find datachecksum as I was not scrolling down,but trying to expand primary ide channel key(doh!) Mark Ah ha, good catch, John.

Mark Buckingham Dave, look for keys labeled MasterIdDataCheckSum and/or SlaveIdDataCheckSum. http://mffonline.com/dvd-player/cannot-play-dvd-movies-on-dvd-rom-or-burner.php Derrick I take my thank you's back. Apparently, it is possible for a given player to connect to a different codec than what is required. I know when I removed the old drive here, I did a secure erase on it before using it again for anything else. Choppy Dvd Playback Windows 7

Playback problem occurs on our DVD player (3 yrs old) and portable DVD player (1 yr old). Any idea as to why? Already have an account? weblink THANKS!

Thanks a lot. Windows 10 Dvd Player Stuttering Just curious why deleting a Registry checksum that is rewritten on reboot fixes the issue ? (I recheck the Registry key after boot up and is the same value as before Cole And also, I re-installed XP on the current slave drive a couple weeks ago before I pulled out the other hard drive out of the external and had the same

So now I guess that I will just have to look around and find the codec pack that matches the player software that came with my video card and change them

Chris Thanks…It worked for me too. My computer was off-line for a few days. Games, movies, music…anything can get choppy if the heat is building up inside, lowering the performance efficiency of the video processor and main processor. Windows Dvd Player Choppy As of May 1, an ISP/EDU email is NO longer required to access the Classifieds.

Thank you so much! =) Rumi It worked !!! Some people blame internet but my daughters Mac plays everything perfect using my wireless, and then the PS3 is in between- plays stuff well but suddenly will get stuck in a fixed. check over here OK here is the deal.

A few notes for those still using IDE drives; If you put two drives on one IDE cable, and one drive is slower than the other (e.g., ATA 66 and ATA Further, what operating system are you using? The video files I have stored on my C drive still play back perfectly. You're fix worked fine - Thanks a lot!

Click on each one and look for the item "DriverDesc" in the right pane, and to the right of that, find the ones that say "Primary IDE Channel" and "Secondary IDE Jan 17 Canon EOS Rebel T5 Review Jan 17 Video quality Jan 17 Post Production Tutorial Jan 16 How to make this smooth... My hard drive is an older IDE drvie. Phatmac Mark, you are my guru!

Thanks dude! Again just making a best guess. An external burner is another possibility, but I'm trying to get soe other ideas about the possible causes. How do I go about adding power to the video card?

The problem is that I had to replace my DVD drive a while ago because my old drive gave up the ghost. my little mathematical puzzles site flagpole Posts: 194Joined: Mon May 16, 2011 9:16 am Top Re: DVDs suddenly choppy during playback by Mebius » Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:51 pm I expect yours would behave the same, but always back up your registry and/or make detailed notes of changes made before committing them and restarting so you can undo if need