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CD-Rom Drive Fell & Won't Work (Someone Please Help Me)


Apr. 199015. Nov. 19946. When I turned it on the lights came on and the drive sounds like it wants to start for about a 2 seconds, I hear a click then it turns itself Jan. 199129. this content

what can i do what's wrong with me cd rom? Thanks for any help you can give me. Nov. 199916. I uninstalled the drivers. http://www.sertdatarecovery.com/hard-drive-recovery/how-to-fix-dropped-hard-drive

Dropped External Hard Drive Not Working

can you please try to help me. Any sugestions? It's still mounted and xferring files as I type. If the heads have crashed or are dead, which will also cause the clicking because the heads can't read anymore, freezing will do nothing.

i try to put cd's in it but it won't read it and when i try to go to Windows Media Player it says that my computer has no device to Let me explain. eddy_end Reply July 7, 2010 im gonna try it lets see if it works, all i can say is that the person i love, did give me a 1.5Tb external hardrive Dropped Hard Drive Not Recognized The tray doesn't even open anymore.

I need ur help please. Dropped External Hard Drive Not Recognized I was low on disk space so I deleted a bunch of old files but I could really free up space if I could burn some of the data on my It worked before but not now. Some drives suddenly lost all of their data possibly due to corrupted FAT, but otherwise, continue to work fine once initialized and formatted.

Okt. 19948. External Hard Disk Fell Down Not Working If you have a failing electronic component, it may work fine when cold, but dies once heated. Once reported, our moderators will be notified and the post will be reviewed. it is showing up in windows explorer but will not let me access it.

Dropped External Hard Drive Not Recognized

If irreplaceable data was lost, you can try bringing the drive to a hardware shop for professional data retrieval.5. http://www.asklaptopfreak.com/laptop-was-dropped-i-cannot-access-hard-drive/ Jordan November 27, 2005 5:56 AM Dear Leo, I hv a slimtype C0MBO dvd/cd ReWriter model LSC-24082K. Dropped External Hard Drive Not Working I'll try the freezer idea tonight/tomorrow. I Dropped My External Hard Drive And Now It Doesn't Work Okt. 199013.

Pull it out the next day and very quickly plug it into my machine, copying what I can as quickly as possible until the drive dies again, repeating until all files http://mffonline.com/hard-drive/dell-inspiron-has-no-cd-drive-and-i-have-formatted-hard-drive.php If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter." Any ideas of how to fix it? "HELP" >.< Useful suggestions are appreciated. I have learned my lesson. Reply SERT Data Recovery says: September 30, 2016 at 2:17 am Hi there. External Hard Drive Fell And Won't Work

So I cannot put cd and it has no time to read. If u r able to fix ur hard drive please contact me. Should I Expect my Laptop to Work for a Long Time ... http://mffonline.com/hard-drive/do-all-additional-hard-drives-work-on-all-computers.php Three hours later, I took it out and tried to get it to work.

I then let it "fall" while still holding it, twice on each long edge, then once flat on top and bottom. Dropped Hard Drive Still Works Dez. 199420. If there is no hardware error during the boot process, see if the c: drive can be accessed at all.

Don't be afraid to rap it pretty good, these little guys are pretty sturdy nowadays, and worst case...you already have a broken drive! (Often you will hear the drive spin up

In short, I'd stop using it, and replace the drive. I'm pretty confused, and pissed off at seagate for such a sh*ty drive. now i cant burn or rip because my drive wont open or close and my computer no longer sees it. Hard Disk Fell Down Not Detecting I said all of that so it is easier to understand why freezing works.

If it's the boot drive that's bad, mirror the boot partition to the replacement drive, then break the mirror, remove the bad drive rejumper, and boot to the new one.The rest Unfortunately, as we are unable to help with your data recovery needs at present, there is no further action that can be made. Ive heard it all now, freeze your hard drive to make it work.any proof this works or is this just more fairytales from the noob section. check my blog Does anybody know how to solve this?

Dez. 199617. If the drive does not work at all.? 1) Open up the case.? 2) Locate and remove the Hard Disk Drive.? 3) Tap on the side of the hard drive with I have asked if this could be some type of virus and all the times I asked people told me no it’s not one. It loads and blink then spins when I put a disk in and then it just stops no dialog box or anything.