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Difference In These 2 Seagate HDDs - Ad Is Confusing


But this 250GB Seagate of mine is 4 years old and still no problems. http://jmack.parhelic.com/ Jordan Mack "But it cost money to replace storage media, not just for the storage media it self but time for the employee to replace it." Of course is does. For example, I know WD green drives have 5 seconds default sleep timeout. the F1 and F3 drives were pretty solid. http://mffonline.com/hard-drive/can-i-alternate-between-hdds.php

That's why I have automated backups of everything, and I've decided to start replacing all magnetic drives at around 3-4 years, before they show any symptoms of failure. Any drive that can handle harsher-than-intended-use on a statistical basis better than another drive is obviously a better drive. So bad that the Deskstar series got the nickname Death Star. Damon well thats understandable. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/difference-in-these-2-seagate-hdds-ad-is-confusing.86465/

Difference Between Seagate Expansion And Backup Plus

I had an 80 GB Maxtor fail plenty of years ago, so I decided to stay away from WD. So you need to realize that 100% of HDDs will fail. We are not willing to spend a lot more, though. and yup i am using windows pro for my own pc.

I bought a 2 TB Elements to recover the data using a special data recovery program, and finally got around to cloning the failed drive last night. This report is (scroll up, and note the browser address) offered by Backblaze, to which I have no affiliation whatsoever. And its a shame because they usually go on deals more often than the other brands. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 Jonathan Mager Personally I go with Western Digital as they were just the first company I randomly chose to buy my first Hard Drive.

The 1st one stopped working inexplicably after I'd left it sitting on my desk unused for quite a while. I did have 2 more that i Killed, One was a WD Velociraptor that got plugged in wrong and was fed 12v on the 5 rail due to a rounded off Too much marketing from samsung my friend, too much marketing. Kieron, you are having a circular argument by begging the question.

Unbelievable. Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand What kind of raid? And once the thing has been installed, I don't have to worry about it for about 7 years. However, you did build up a nice straw man, just in time for you to shoot it down.

Seagate Vs Western Digital External Hard Drive

Ask a question and give support. Most of the drives are designed for 2400 TOTAL annual hours use. Difference Between Seagate Expansion And Backup Plus RAID 0 is great for performance, but there's no redundancy so that doesn't even register on my radar. Seagate Expansion Vs Backup Plus 5tb Otherwise buy a WD.

This gathered data is from thousands of drives. useful reference Although i was thinking of buying a used one over a year ago but it was only firing on 3 cylinders. All rights reserved. Follow us: Cloud backup. Hgst Hard Drive

Here i found free HDD after rebate.You can buy it for free. Join the community here, it only takes a minute. We think that this causes a lot of wear on the drive. my review here Jailbreakbird The Hitachi 3.5 inch drive business is now owned by Toshiba.

Asok Asus More like 15 years ago. Most Reliable External Hard Drive BDK Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are extremely reliable. Damon I currently have 24 mechanical drives spinning in my house (between 2 servers) and have had probably 50-60 more in the last 5-7 years and have only had 2 failures.

None of the other drives that they used were bought this way.

Next time you would be better off being polite instead of insulting someone right away. Eventually I did get the clicking sound they became so infamous for, but I'm thankful for it. and i had a 400gb which died and i sent in to warranty and for whatever reason i received back the 750 in the mail.. Seagate Expansion Vs Backup Plus Speed I guess, that in the disk pods, vibration is more of a problem and in desktop environments, cooling is more of a problem, because these pods seem to have enough airflow

After all my Mac still works just as it did out of the box after several years. The last HDD I ordered from there came wrapped in a few layers of brown paper and stuffed in a box. Contents 1 SCSI models 2 ATA and SATA models 2.1 Barracuda ATA 2.2 Barracuda ATA II 2.3 Barracuda ATA III 2.4 Barracuda ATA IV 2.5 Barracuda ATA V/Barracuda ATA V Plus/Barracuda get redirected here Andreas Vik Haha i came here to see what this article said, because in The last 3 months, yes 3 months.

I hope your reading comprehension continues to improve in the years and decades to come. Turns out this is a common problem, but the check engine light does not go on while most manufactures it would have. I have them plugged in 24/7 and my computer is also working all the time and they both work perfectly fine. John Clark You said with parity?

Now I'm looking for a reliable external HDD that can keep my data for years [it will be mostly unused, seems more reliable than DVDs/BluRays]. DezzNutz Statistics taught me one thing. Not that his only experience was in 1987. sternhead With numbers like this, time to suspect the user or their environs.

In keeping up to date with technology, you should probably go for the drive with the largest cache, perpendicular recording, and obviously SATA 2. The latter are consumer class disks. Power consumption is reduced from previous models, resulting in lower operating temperatures with reliability advantages, but no warranty period is stated according to Seagate documentation. Oh dear, take that panadol dear it was not based on clinical trials.

This study ONLY looks at the cheapest, crappiest HDDs on the planet. http://blog.backblaze.com/2013/12/04/enterprise-drive-reliability/ Taylor Greu The difference between 3k "sample" and 13k is insignificant. It is statistics." You responded: "Even if only statistics, it's still not scientific." Another go at what? If the price difference is minimal, go for the WD, but if there's a significant price difference, go for the cheaper one!

We agree. I think your reason filter is broken because it let's all the crap get thru. Samsung still makes there own tv's electronic devices such as phones and tablets and also Solid state drives. Thomas Daniel Horton It's not a cherry picking process.

If you're trying to squeeze out more than that, it may be time for an upgrade. Your report is like running Yugo cars in INDY 500. For example, Seagate has "site codes" written clearly on the drive labels which specify the factory ID where their drives were manufactured. Capacities range from 30GB to 120GB, with a 2MB cache buffer.[6] The SATA models have many problems, including random data loss (such as disappearing partitions).