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Does ESATA Make Sense For 5400RPM External HDD?


Thanks! I would prefer the portability of a flash drive but will I be making sacrifices that could cause issues? My internal drive is a standard 500gb HD. That being said, is eSATA an option for you? my review here

What is the best way to transfer all my sessions from the ssd and hard drive into my new storage drive without losing any audio files? so i just want to make sure before purchasing that this will fix my problem, and how after purchase will I need it routed to work properly. I think for me, if I want to try and truly edit/output in 4k, it is either 4ssd or 8-10 bay raid system. Would getting the LaCie FireWire SSD (I'm out of USB ports) and dedicating it to PT 11 help with my problem? http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/does-esata-make-sense-for-5400rpm-external-hdd.146773/

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Even a relatively small external drive will be able to tide you over for quite some time if you're just a small-time media collector. Reply Admin Hi Andy,Well the first thing that should be noted about Thunderbolt is that it is considerably faster than even USB 3.0, so yes in theory you should be absolutely SZGeneJul 3, 2013, 1:21 AM My 3 TB Seagate Expansion USB 3 (7200 RPM/64 MB cache; NB no "backup" in name) to/from Sandisk Extreme 240 GB throughtputs > 130 Mb/sec. I know my computer can handle this, but I'm not sure a thunderbolt connected duel drive will be able to accomplish this.

I plan on installed pro tools to the internal ssd and them to record/playback sessions from a 3TB WD Black SATA 6GB/s 7200RPM 64MB 3.5″ drive connected through a usb 3.0 May 5, 2010 #1 SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,715 +397 I suppose it depends on how large of transfers you do and how frequently you do them. But… it takes TEN drives to fill it. Avid Recommended External Hard Drives If you have any data you care about—important documents, photos, videos, or anything else—you need to have them backed up, or you will lose them eventually.

Can't go wrong with their products!Check prices and ratings on Amazon.comInternal or External?This one’s fairly simple. External solid-state drives (SSDs) were found mostly in the notebook-class form factor, and now they mostly come in mSATA form factor, but these are still relatively rare because they're pricey in I can't say for sure that Superior Drummer is completely supported by Pro Tools 11 although I would be very suprised if it wasn't! However, the performance of the eSATA external enclosure is incredibly better, with the side trade off that I can only have 1 of them attached to my laptops at a time,

Such design decisions affect the drive’s overall weight, but they also influence how well the drive can survive misadventure. Pro Tools Record To External Hard Drive You should consider a drive with support for RAID levels 1, 5, or 10 if you're storing really important data that you can't afford to lose. Don't say it won't happen to you because I bet you know at least one victim to this scenario. Browse other questions tagged hard-drive external-hard-drive or ask your own question.

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There are good reasons why. http://superuser.com/questions/390279/platter-speed-vs-cache-of-an-external-hard-drive Anyway, I'm trying to wrap my head around the 4k world, and your articles and online lectures have been really helpful, so keep it up!ReplyLarry says:August 28, 2015 at 10:15 amBarry:First, Best External Hard Drive For Audio Recording Currently I plan to have two separate 500gb SSD drives. Pro Tools Hard Drive Setup bes regards Reply Admin Hi Marcelo,Thank you for getting in touch, The new mac minis are certainly much more powerful than they were but again it can come down to the

Using MacBook pro. this page If however, you have run out of slots or you have a laptop then you should look for a quality external drive.Which Drive?There are hundreds of external and internal drives available, USB3.0 will actually be faster as it can reach up to 5Gbit/s speeds. (All theoretical maximums, actual speeds are lower)So USB3.0 would be the fastest interface of the three in terms I wasn't benchmarking them for max IOPS, just throughput. Pro Tools 12 Hard Drive Requirements

Ask a question and give support. You are correct that the SATA interface with limit your SSD speed, but USB3 is often limited by the various controller and chips in each stage of the interface connection, often I am running Pro Tools 10 on a 15in Macbook Pro late 2011 model with OS X Yosemite with 8GB RAM installed and a 500 GB internal hard drive. (RAM is http://mffonline.com/hard-drive/can-you-make-an-external-usb-hard-drive.php A 2.5-inch model can fit in a coat pocket and some pants pockets.

Is Drive Speed Important? Pro Tools Ssd Vs Hdd Some drive manufacturers will crow about the speed of their drive mechanisms. solved USB 2.0 (eSATA/powershare combo) Speed vs USB 3.0 Speed?

An internal drive is likely to be faster than an external drive as it is connected straight to the motherboard.

Would getting a bigger external hard drive fix this problem? I have a 2014 Mac 27″ / i5 Dual Core 3.4hz / 8gb RAM/ Mavericks / and I'm willing to get Pro Tools 11 installed in the internal HD, my question It's up to you if it makes sense. Pro Tools Hard Drive Requirements Reply Tony I just want to make sure that i'm understanding everything correctly about what this drive can do, I've been experiencing the problem more and more recently that my computer

Desktop-style drives, although also technically portable, are designed to stay put and require a power adapter. Reply Jose I will like to install PT 12 in a Mac Mini (late 2012) i7 Quad Core 2.6 Ghz 16Gb Ram with a Fusion Hd 1.5 Tb and record my ide/sata/esata/sataII/1.5gb/3gb speeds(CONFUSED) solved Would my SSD be better off plugged into USB3.0 than SATAII? useful reference Just confused on whether it should be sata or esata, does it matter?

If you can afford it, always buy a RAID to store media for video editing.However, there's more to the story than that, which requires a longer explanation.A DEFINITIONBefore we start, though, Most, if not all, new external drives now use just USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt or both. I'm just setting up a new laptop with an i7 4810MQ and 16GB RAM with PT11. It’s always a good idea to back up your computer.

So if you are doing multi gig data transfer on a fairly regular basis its worth using eSATA. The more files you want to store, and the larger the file type (photos and videos are larger than word documents), the bigger you should go. Note that more computers support USB 3.0 than Thunderbolt, especially among Windows computers. As i'm sure you have read from our article, to run most efficiently, it is best to have your internal drive run the Pro Tools software solely, a 256GB will by

I recently purchased a 2014 MacBook pro using Mavericks and will be using it for audio recording. This of course, is a mix of opinion and "what I've noticed". Make sure to look for one with a built-in fan if you’re going to be using it frequently and for heavy file transfers.