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Beeping sounds while playing Games

Black Out during game play

bluescreening when playing games

Blue Screens while playing Games

BSOD after playing games for a few minutes

BSOD and freezing while playing games

BSOD when playing games

BSOD Vista while playing games

BSOD while playing games

BSOD/Freezing while playing games :(

BSOD/random crashes while playing games

Computer crashing/restarting when playing games

Computer freezes while playing games

Computer Keeps On Freezing While Playing Games

Computer keeps rebooting in games

Computer keeps freezing when playing games

Computer reboots after trying to install game

Computer Reboots when starting up a game

Computer randomly crashes while playing games

Comp shuts all the way down when loading games

Computer restarts unexpectedly when playing games

Computer reboots during gameplay

Computer shutting off gaming

Comp freezes up playing games or even video

Computer Shuts off During Games

Computer shutting off while gaming

Computer Resets upon launching any game

Computer turning off at random during video game play

Computer restarts when I load games

Computer reboots while playing Games

Computer restarts while playing games with no warning

Computer shutdown when I play certain games

Computer restarts or gets bsod while playing games

Computer shuts down during playing games

Computer shut down playing games

Computer suddenly crashing/resetting when playing games.

Constant crashes/insta-restarts/BSODs while playing games

Cpu overheating in games

Crash and reboot with only this one game (warcraft) every time

Crash problem while running games

Daily BSODs during video (gaming)

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