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Compatible Psu`s?


You can skip ahead to each PSU vendor's section through this handy index: Antec Cooler Master Corsair Enermax OCZ/PC Power & Cooling Seasonic Silverstone Thermaltake XFX ...or you let your scroll few power supplies support it because it isn't essential, the processor and rest of the computer still work fine since most manufacturers disables those sleep states in BIOS –acejavelin Jul 11 The 4 pin cable is often called a P4 cable (although it's a very bad name) and the 8 pin cable is called an EPS12V cable. How can I avoid being "the negative one" when giving feedback on statistics? this content

The power rating is so high because the other voltage rails offer more amperage and more wattage. If the load on these non-primary rails are above a certain threshold (which varies by PSU), the +12V can go out of spec (voltages greater than +12.6V). Those are the best supplies because they provide enough wattage for all kinds of machines. When an Intel Core (i3, i5, i7) processor is idle, it goes into a sleep state that requires less power than when the CPU is active. check it out

Are All Power Supplies Compatible With All Motherboards

The following Corsair power supplies all use DC-to-DC conversion and are listed as "100% compatible with Haswell CPUs": AXi: AX760i, AX860i, AX1200i AX (Gold and Platinum): AX650, AX750, AX760, AX850, AX860, It simply listed compatible units in a PDF titled, "SilverStone PSU for Haswell support list:" Strider Gold Evolution series: ST75F-G Evolution, ST85F-G Evolution, ST1000-G Evolution, ST1200-G Evolution Strider Gold series: ST55F-G, Apply Cancel Log in Most commented stories • Asus shows off Zenbook 3 Deluxe UX490A in detail[50] • Tom's Hardware hammers an Intel 600p SSD for science[44] • be quiet! solved How does someone tell if a motherboard and processor are compatible?

I've done 2 PC builds around Skylake CPUs with "non Skylake approved" PSUs and they both work perfectly fine. the biggest problem is I don't know what my motherboard is! Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Micro Atx Power Supply What would define "good" in this case is a higher amperage on the 12V rail (you can look up these specs on any sale site and the label on the side

This will tell you all sorts of useful information including the model of your motherboard. Since the voltage is constant, 12V*22A = 264W. solved How Can I Know if My Power Supply is Compatible With My Motherboard? https://pcpartpicker.com/forums/topic/44905-how-to-tell-if-psus-are-compatible Does Polearm Mastery have a disadvantage on adjacent targets?

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Psu Wattage Calculator However, XFX is "working closely with Seasonic to develop a new 550W Gold Pro Series PSU that will be compatible later this year." Source * * * 30 comments — Last If not having low power states for the CPU isn't an issue for you, I wouldn't worry about it. For instance, I just replaced a Viotek PSU rated for 450W ($20 retail).

Power Supply Compatibility With Graphics Card

Is this just marketing mumbo jumbo or does this have any merit? Ask a new question Read More Power Supplies Motherboards Components Related Resources solved How do I know if my power supply is compatible with my motherboard? Are All Power Supplies Compatible With All Motherboards We will also continue to test legacy product (discontinued product) and keep the list updated in this way as well.

Tags: Intel Haswell power supply CX GS TX TX-M HX Cpu-z Program Obscure considerations If you're easily worried then you might want to skip this paragraph.

If you want to game you're going to need a video card and good processor. Simply adding a single silent case fan to the system, connected to the power supply, should provide enough additional load to keep the system running in advanced power saving mode. Select your PSU or Case from the search results. The overall wattage is important, but you want to focuse on 12V wattage (my old one is 264W and my new is 360W - THIS is what made the other one Skylake Compatible Psu

This will tell you all sorts of useful information including the model of your motherboard. I would suggest going with the 600W to give yourself a little room to grow in the case that you decide to upgrade some other components later on. Assuming you have those, you need a good power supply. have a peek at these guys If you need a power supply for an older computer then you can use an ATX12V 1.3 or earlier power supply which provides most of its power on 3.3/5.

It is a Think Centre A63 with these specs. Corsair Power Supply There are adapters which convert 20 pin cables into 24 pin cables but they don't solve the problem and can cause problems of their own. Hmm.

If you're buying a new power supply then the safest choice for the long haul is to get one with a 4+4 power cable because it's compatible with both 4 and

Cheap PSU's are good for office work, surfing the internet, and watching movies. As with plugging a 24 pin cable into a 20 pin motherboard connector, you can plug an 8 pin cable into a 4 pin connector and leave 4 pins hanging over More resources See also solved how to know the noise done by a Power supply? Computer Wont Turn On It tests all sorts of PSUs at standard testing conditions (the ones that gave them the ratings) and then "real-life" scenarios (ala sticking it in an oven at 45 C).

Jan 07, 2015 How to Install Graphics Card Drivers. You can also download the cpu-z program. How to set a variable to a random value with bash Could governments and banks become CAs? Plugging a 20 pin cable into a 24 pin motherboard can strain the 20 pins that you're using.

The ones that o1die suggested are the best brands to go for, and at $30 it's a bargain! 400W might don't leave much head room for upgrades, but it should suffice VGA video card outputs Useful technical information How to install your motherboard chipset drivers Test your motherboard memory with Memtest86 Torture test your CPU with Prime95 How to find specifications for Many newer power supplies come with a 20+4 power cable which has a 24 pin connector which can be split into two pieces: a 20 pin piece, and a 4 pin All about the various PC power supply cables and connectors Rail complications #1 - current limit problems: too much current Rail complications #2 - cross loading problems: unbalanced current Rail complications

Before we proceed, we should be clear about one thing: you don't, strictly speaking, need one of these "Haswell-ready" PSUs to build a Haswell system. If your power supply main power cable and motherboard main power connector both have the same number of pins then they'll (of course) fit together just fine. Can cancer be transplanted into a human and still be viable? Merging helmet and skin How can I use \not with more than one symbol?

The HD5770 has a TDP of 108W, so anything above 10A on the +12V rail would do, but I would recommend that you go for a PSU that gives you at