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Computer Powered Down


It's also been said that Linux and Mac OS tend to run for longer than Windows systems, although in my experience that mostly depends on what programs you use on them, Heat related issue Most computers today are designed to turn off automatically if any of its inner components overheat. Either way, if you're concerned about electricity usage, you can just hibernate your computer instead. What else would you expect?! http://mffonline.com/shuts-down/computer-shuts-down-after-a-while.php

Windows XP: Click on "System" under "Event Viewer (Local)" folder on the Console tree on the left. Finder The Doctors Live Healthy Health Videos Better Sleep Style Luxury Auto Beauty Dining Fashion Home & Design Home Elegance Lust List Travel Window Shopping Food & Cooking Alison Cook Restaurant No valid reason, except for moving the computer around, or adding new hardware or replacing existing ones. They leave their stupid air-conditioner on all the time throughout the summer, even through the night, even when it gets cold. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000689.htm

Computer Spontaneously Shuts Off

by Jeff Orloff A sudden computer shutdown can be alarming. all of mine have & so have all of mine i setup for anyone else. Hibernation draws about as much power and saves the current working state of your machine so you can resume right where you left off.

When you're done using your computer, you can just close your laptop's lid (or, on a desktop, choose the Sleep or Hibernate option). I stop Windows from using these features by going into power settings...Disable Hibernate and Sleep. You opened the Start menu, clicked Shut Down, and waited patiently for the computer to finish up whatever it was doing. Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly Electrical devices apparently account for around 34% of all accidental workplace fires (http://www.hawkesworthappliancetesting.co.uk/news/electrical-safety-facts-figures), and although I don't know what the figure is for domestic fires I doubt it's hugely different.

Choose the System log! Computer Shuts Down By Itself I worked as a technician for a large computer manufacturer and I can tell you that most failures occurred during power up. Attempts to do so just hung, and required power cycle. http://www.howtogeek.com/181295/yes-its-okay-to-shut-down-your-computer-with-the-power-button/ It offers a few distinct advantages that can save you a bit of time and frustration, but also has a few major downsides of its own.ProsYour machine's always ready to go

its really very help full to me. Computer Suddenly Turns Off And Wont Turn Back On I really should find a better place to store my oil soaked rags and old newspapers, my computer case is almost full. I recently did a fresh install of Win10 Pro x64 and everything was fine and smooth, except turning the laptops's sleep mode on. A lot of performance issues can be avoided by simply shutting down once in awhile and letting the OS clear the caches, save open files, delete temp files, install and configure

Computer Shuts Down By Itself

That said, keeping your computer powered on overnight has advantages as well. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/computer-just-suddenly-power-off-67117.html penny if this is true then someone ‘signed out' TWICE on my laptop before i turned it on! Computer Spontaneously Shuts Off And I don't care how efficient your hardware is- if it's turned on IT'S SUCKING DOWN ELECTRICITY!! Is It Bad To Turn Off Your Computer With The Power Button But it's not just the spin up or down that has an effect.

The only exception is when the device is manually shut down, or the shut down is triggered due to power down.

February 3, 2014 Tom Wilson ron007 said: it is my click site Either the OS or Exchange Server has memory leaks that slowly but surely eat up RAM memory, which only a clean restart will correct. I also have a shutdown routine that powers off devices not needed to be powered on - monitor, some USB drives - when the PC is in non-use mode and get You'll go right back to where you were with all your programs and documents open. Computer Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating

It'll start back up within a second or two if you put it to sleep, or a bit longer than that if you hibernated it. Copyright © 2006-2017 How-To Geek, LLC All Rights Reserved Get exclusive articles before everybody else. When it's in sleep or hibernate? http://mffonline.com/shuts-down/computer-just-shut-down.php You can customize how long your computer waits before sleeping, however.

Tried everything too and can't seem to find the issue that's causing it

May 27, 2016 Keltari Im on the fence with this article. Computer Shuts Down Randomly Windows 7 Alternatively, if your desktop supports it, you can use it as a USB device charger overnight so that small power draw isn't going to waste.You can just hibernate instead - Why Also, the type of operation is recorded: restart when a user or an application initiates a system restart, shutdown when the system is sent a shutdown request or power off when

In my experience I have seen laptops in hybernate mode which would not awake anymore.

I also agree that a fresh start up is a good idea. This can cause you to lose whatever you're working on, but it may also be a sign of damage to the computer itself. Photo Credits Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images Suggest an Article Correction Related Searches More Articles [Processor] | How to Figure Out if My Processor Is Damaged [Laptop Turn] | Why Won't My Laptop Importance Of Shutting Down A Computer Users of shutdown.exe command can also specify a text to be recorded as comment." andrewi In normal operation, nothing should ever end the EventLog program in an expected way but a

The stupid bank leaves every single one of their lights on even when they are closed as well as numerous large televisions running the same 30-second commercial in a loop. When you clicked Shut Down in Windows first, Windows wrapped up everything it was doing, closing all open programs and saving all data to the disk. To See the Dates and Times of All User Shut Downs of the ComputerA) Click/tap on the drop down arrow to the right of Event sources, check the USER32 box, and http://mffonline.com/shuts-down/computer-shuts-off.php Been running recently for 3 months without rebooting or shutting down no probs.

There has been an encouraging lack of Green carbon footprint etc. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). Also watch: Share JavaScript is currently disabled in your browser. Once you have access to the inside of your machine, examine the processor (heat sink), video card, and case fans.

I'm not saying shut it down every single time you're going to be away for an hour or two, or even every day, but when you shut it down or restart He holds a degree in technical writing from the University of South Florida. Note: If your issues are on a laptop, we do not suggest opening the computer. If in Windows Vista User Access Control window pops up to ask for permission, click Continue.

playing a graphically intense computer game. It'll take a bit longer to resume, but it won't take as long as booting up if you had shut down your computer. The Answer SuperUser contributor David Zaslavsky responds: From a software perspective, an operating system and the programs you run on it tend to accumulate all sorts of cruft over extended periods Morons like these waste electricity, pollute the planet, and cost the rest of us who cannot afford to pay exorbitant electric prices.

January 4, 2013 MikeMoss There's another reason to shut your computer down when you aren't using it. In some instances, the "fylgja" will take on the form of an animal that shows itself after the birth of a child or as a "creature" that eats the afterbirth. Unfortunately for Linux users, Linux may have problems hibernating or even sleeping on some PCs, which is why hibernate is disabled by default on Ubuntu.