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    [review] 6ix Toys – Sisters of Soul, Brothers of Funk (Greg Wilson Version) [FW32]

    Posted on October 2nd, 2009 by zephirnl

    Not too long ago, Liverpool funk monsters 6ix Toys released their first 12″ ever, bringing their total release count up to three (previous releases are the Voodoo People 7″ & the 6ix Toys CD album), all on First Word Records.
    This *NEW* 12″ features three tracks, but only one of them is new(-ish). For the A-side, [...]


    Bands swapped for upcoming SJU gigs!

    Posted on September 23rd, 2009 by zephirnl

    This friday, Piscine Bleue was supposed to play at the SJU, but they were swapped with the band of next friday. But that band actually cannot come this friday, resulting in the following:

    September 25th (this friday): DJs Mama’s Funky Flow, band tba.
    October 2nd (next friday): Piscine Bleue + DJs Mama’s Funky Flow.

    Spread the word!


    Oct 2nd Piscine Bleue + Mama's Funky Flow @ F*dge (SJU)

    Posted on August 2nd, 2009 by zephirnl

    The MadFreshF*dge friday night experience continues with masters of the raw vibe, Mama’s Funky Flow @ F*dge (SJU) Before we unleash our freshest flavours to light the floor on fire, Stenis will warm up the crowd with some ‘groovejazz’. Piscine Bleue will jazz-groove their way into your nervous system with their infectious and intelligent tripdubdrumnjazz.

    Atmospherical [...]


    Nov 6th Mama’s Funky Flow @ F*dge (SJU)

    Posted on February 22nd, 2009 by zephirnl

    Yes, we already know some details about the November gig: it’s going to be very good.

    Once again a MadFreshFunk Experience! Every first friday of the month @ F*dge (SJU)
    With: Mama’s Funky Flow (Zephir & cptNemo)
    Band: The Soul Prophets ( / myspace)
    Damage: Earlybirds get in free, after 23:00 you lose 5 euros. (RSVP @


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