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Blue Monitor Port Not Working Correctly

Brand new custom built PC shuts itself off after powering up for 4-5 seconds

Comp not transmitting image to screen

Computer doesn't turn on for a few seconds? PSU Problem?

Comp boots But Monitor is Blank

Computer boots but my monitor doesn't respond

Computer cuts off and then back on?

computer keeps switching its self on and off

Computer gets in an endless power up/power off loop

Computer boots--no video

Computer Monitor will not turn on

computer powers up and then just shuts off

Computer powering up

Computer not projecting anything on monitor?

Computer powers on for two seconds then turns off

Computer powers up

Computer randomly powering down within few seconds

Computer overpowers and turns off

Computer Powers Itself Off and On

Computer runs but nothing happens

Computer turns itself off What do I replace (first)?

Computer makes sound and shuts off after seconds of turning it on

Computer Powers on Briefly then Shuts Down

Computer shuts itself on and off

Computer only runs for 2 seconds before power supply sparks

Computer turns on then off

Computer turns on fine but no display on monitor

Computer turns on but dosen't boot up

Computer turns off constantly

Computer turns on but doesn't boot up

Computer shuts off now

comp powers up when power coed is plugged in BUT

Computer turns on and then right off

Computer Turns on but Screen is Blank Tried Everything

Computer Starts for 3-5 Seconds

Computer Starts Monitor Wont Come On

Computer turns on but nothing on screen

Computer turns on but nothing happens on monitor

Computer wont display

Computer powers on

computer starts for about 3-5 seconds then shuts down

Computer turns on but no screen

Computer won't display on monitor.

Computer turns on but no video

Computer shows nothing on screen but powers up

Computer turns on and off by itself

Computer turns on for 2 seconds

Computer turns on then off 10 seconds later

Computer turns on but will not boot

Computer's Power Shuts Off

Computer turning off during boot up

Computer starts up does everything for like a minute then shuts off

Computer turns on and off

Computer Turns on but Screen Does Not. Please reead this

Dell Studio laptop got switched off abruptly and no longer turns on

Display will not light up on startup

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