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Another Random Restart Issue

any ideas blue scary screen

Any registry editor tweaks?

AMD processor running at half speed. why?

Apparently I dont have permission to print on my own printer.

Any help with this minidump

Annoying restarting

Anyone else here use the BlackBox Shell for win?

Anyone using Win 10 yet?

Any Power Users who like Windows 10 over Windows 7?

Asus freezing and rebooting even after reformat

Asus G1S speakers not working (stuck in headphone jack mode)

Applications Not Starting Problem

Ask users for login/pass to access network shares in Windows 2000?

ATAPI.SYS corruption

Asus G51VX-RX05 stuck in headphones mode

Audio card issues

Audio and video driver problem

audio drive does not work

Audio not the same anymore since I changed soundcard drivers.

Audio Hardware Conflict or just Windows doesnt recognize speakers

Audio Device Disappeared

Audio Device Problem

Audio Problems.

Audio Input Problem-SoundMax Card

Audio playback trouble

Audio not working on recently wiped PC

Audio skipping problem on laptop

Audio doesn't sound right

audio driver update problem

Audio Issue

Audio drivers problem

Audio volume is going crazy

Audio Drivers Won't Stay Loaded After Restart

Audio turns off have to reboot

Audio Problem (No Sound)

Audio driver problem

audio card driver problem

Audio Priority Utility?

Audio Disappearing Problem

ATI catalyst trouble Can somebody please help me?

Audio/ Video/ Games skipping

Auto Play gone for both optical drives

Audio trouble

Audio video issue need tech savvy help

Audio problem: No sound device

Audio Card Troubleshooting

Automatic Logon to Windows Account / Sound icon on taskbar doesn't show

audio isn't working but error sounds are

Auto Run/Play issues

audio really messed up

Bad sound Quality

Audio Playback Problem

Audio and desktop display starts skipping/jumping every second or so.

Background shadows from previous open window

Audio driver not automatically found

Auto-docking windows

Auto Starting a Network Connection

audio driver problems need help

Audio Problem - Drivers will not reinstall

Ati x700 problems solved with dip switch

Big problem with AMD GPU drivers

Audio shuts off.

BitDefender antivirus and malware disables itself and PC freezes

Automatic Discovery of Shared Network Printers

Blue dump screen IRQL not less than or equal and page fault in non page area

Blocking downloading in Vista?

Blue Screen Errors/Freezing at Startup/KEeeps Rebooting

Blue screen occurs after occasional automatic updates

Bluetooth device

Bluetooth malfunctions when language is changed

Bluetooth Radio not showing in device manager

Blue Screen with "Machine_Check_Exception"

Blue screen (driver_irql_not_less_or_equal)

Big problem with ATI Radeon driver installation

Blue screen error stop 0x000000D1 eMachines

Boot/Crash/Power Trouble

Bluetooth doesn't work after windows update

Bluetooth disappeared?

Block an MS Update

Broken new build

Booting time for installing windows is very long?

Bluescreen and dump file

BSOD (cache_manager

BSOD and system freeze

Brand New and runnin' slow plz Help

Boot device doesnt boot

BSOD crashes frequently

BSOD and bugcheck error

BSOD booting from Win7 installation CD/USB

BSOD and Freezes

BSOD driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

Brand new self-built computer

BSOD after ~10 minutes in Windows

Browser in Outlook 2007 window

BSOD crashes all the time

BSOD have debug from Win Debugger

Booting up from wrong disk

BSOD Before Full Boot Consistently

BSOD memory menagament and Pfn list corrupt ntoskrnl.exe every day

BSOD / lock up DMP file help

BSOD at the beginning of games after upgrading to Windows 7 and installing updates

BSOD analyzer

BSOD after 10-15 minutes

BSOD Driver_IRQL_less_or_equal can i fix it

BSOD code 109 on fresh install no running software

BSOD issues across XP and vista

BSOD while torrenting

Brand new computer with reboot loop and BSOD

BSOD when trying to update Windows

BSOD please help

BSoD + Windows Freezes

Bsod win32k.sys can't stop rebooting

BSOD when torrenting

BT software uninstall after wireless network install

Build Update and New Build Help

BSOD while using a torrent client -- new PC (branded)

BSOD/system freeze/& SMART false error

BSOD's and frozen screens

BSODs and Random Crashes

BSOD and Hardlocks randomly

BSOD plase help

Burning DVD taking too long?

burning dvd from 2nd drive takes forever

Built-in Mic problem w realtek HD

Buying new OS Vista XP normal OEM?

Cable modem won't connect thru ethernet

Can I eliminate a faulty driver without being able to boot?

Can I make my start screen smaller when running duplicate displays?

Can I have DirectX 9 and 10 on Windows Vista?

C drive contents displayed as "pictures and videos" instead of as "all items."

can somebody read me my minidump file pls?

can i keep my software?

Can I move hiberfil.sys to another partition on the same drive ?

Can Anyone tell me what my minidumps mean

Can windows updates cause my laptop to malfunction?

Cannot connect to internet but i have installed wireless adapter

Can`t set res. higher than 800x600

Cannot access my shares. help

Cannot click items in taskbar

Cannot open Add/Remove Programs

Can I restore Second HDD?

Cannot install windows because of grub

Cannot uninstall Goback

Cannot Access My Computer My Documents Or File Search

can't connect network fx5200 culprit

Can't connect to the interent with IE7 after virus

Cannot Type Password To Start Windows

Can't Change Res. Or Color Quality

burning error + pc restart

Can I replace my OEM mobo with the same make & model but different version?

Can't detect webcam microphone with realtek audio

Can't connect to WiFi when LAN connected.

Can't connect to wifi after hardware driver update

Can't get past Window 7 start screen

Can't connect to dsl through 2 computer ethernet network

Can't get items sent from outbox Vista home premium

Cannot connect to internet via my ethernet card but can by my usb. WTF do I do?

Can't launch system applications. Several application errors.

Can't Get past first boot screen

Can't connect wirelessly after update

Can't install ANY video card driver

Can't get my bluetooth dongle to be recognized by my PC Pls Help

Can't access websites but can update

Can't get my display to work

Can't properly open applications

Can't Open Programs

Can't connect to network using ethernet

cant detect soundcard and shuts down

Cannot load Windows

Can't install my new graphic card

Can't install Lexmark X5470 printer

Can somebody read my minidump due to BSOD?

Cant open " MY DOCUMENTS " with my new windows

Can't see Icons in "Thumbnail" view in Windows Explorer.

Can't go to full resolution for monitor - Nvidia drivers

can't share files in my home network

Can't hide this icon from notification area

Can't reformat pc getting a wierd error

Can't Open Add And Remove Program

Can't find any network

Can't install reimaged disk drive

Cannot Boot after rebuilding

Cant play videos after installing windows 10

Cant get past POST/install Windows

Can't turn off my PC

Can't use the find printer program thing

Cant Start Windows: System files corrupted

Cant Load Windows

Can't Get Sound Device To Work

CD burning help

Cd Rom won`t auto play

Cd Burner Way Too Slow

Can't play audio Cd's

cdrom not reading cd with new drivers for mobo on it.

Cd/dvd won't autoplay

Cant open folder externally

C-d burning help

CD drive will read some CDs

can't install any drivers for my video card

CD/DVD drive won't autoplay

changed a setting now computer can't run

CD/RW problem - writing too fast?

CD-RW Drive Does Not Write Properly

Changing motherboard and processor

CD Drive won't run games properly

Chkdsk takes 10 hours to complete on 500GB Seagate drive

cdrw and dvdr drives running slowly

Changing Windows Look.

ChkDsk wont work

Changing hardware

Comp Lock up prob

Com 2 with a dos program?

Clean installs can be performed after free Windows 10 upgrade

Computer Closes Programs

Comptuer restarts after runinng Bittornado

Computer crashing problem

Computer freezing/crashing

Compatibility check. Am I good to go?

Compatibility scan for win 10 after hardware upgrade

Computer crashing/freezing

Computer detects less ram

Computer Doesn't shut down properly

Computer freezing when gaming + minidump

CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe?

Computer hangs non-stop

Complete restarts in WinXP for no reason - Error caused by device driver.

Computer crashed can't bootup

Computer goes into standby after logon

Computer keeps freezing/crashing and I don't know how to fix it

Computer crashes increasingly often

Computer freezing and crashing.

Computer freezes upon initial power up

Computer keeps restarting after returning to stock?

Compatibility with Dell computers.

Computer freezing with no errors

Computer monitor erroring

Computer crushes and freezes

Computer no longer works with 800x600

Computer freezing and crashing please help

Computer keeps freezing (all of sudden)

Computer freeze/crash

Computer restarting minidump analysis

Computer randomly restarting after installing a usb bluetooth

Computer rebooting.PLEASE HELP

Computer restarts after lowering settings

Computer refuses to get beyond POST

Computer keeps restarting and online game wont let me in and throws me back to window

Computer randomly freezing/restarting

Computer restarts once a day

Computer Nightmare - Not quite a crash but now unusable

Computer settings are being reverted after a restart back to default

computer reboots and errors popping-up

Comp Freeze with minidump

Computer only runs till Windows loading screen

Computer started freezing

Computer Randomly Boots Up

Computer is not getting to the window loading screen

Computer shut-down problem - help

Computer randomly crashes

Computer time/clock too fast Dell laptop and battery maintenance issues

Computer Restarts ALONE: FREEZES *HELP*

Computer restarting/freezing after reformat.

Computer will not stay off

Computer frequently crashes when.

Computer running slow. Windows 8 pro

Computer random restarts (optional BSOD)

Computer stops working

Computer slow and choppy

computer won't play downloaded mp3's

Computer restarts out of the blue

Computer screen flickers and flashes on startup

Computer will not boot-hardware issue.

Computer wakes up on its own

Computer restart failure

Computer shutdown issue

Computer won't open programs after OS error

Computer wont shut down completely.

Constant Crashing + Hardware Error

Computer will not load past OS

Constant Bsod(Different)

Connection problems

Connecting two computers via LAN and wireless simultaneously

Connection issues

computer won't shut off

Converting my SSD from IDE mode to ACHI mode?

Constant freezes at high processor usage

Constant varying BSODs after upgrade (8E

Constant Bsod's and System Crashes

Computer wont shut off

Connected to network

Connection issues with new hardware

CPU + motherboard upgrade

Constant BSOD and crashes

CPU speed slow

Critical Display/Video Problems

Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer - No bass

Crashing after Sleep/ Hybernation

Crashing after Windows 10 install on Asus UX32VD

ctfmon error

Cursor Jumping/Freezing Momentarily

damaged or missing files

Cpu running at half speed help please

Daily BSOD/freezing on Windows 7

Daily BSODs on Vista after up-downgrade

Default monitor has been turned off in control panel on laptop

Deaf or speakers broken

Defrag or Analyze won't fire

defrag - data that cant be moved .

Cursor refreshing every half-second

Deleted my audio divice

Delay in opening new programs at start-up

Desktop too small

D3D problems. games won't work

Dell upgrade woes

device driver problems

Direct 3D issues

Did you opt for free Win/10 upgrade?

Direct3d problems

Desktop Icons Refreshing with HDD Activity

DirectX 10

Direct 3D/Direct Draw Not Working

Direct3D restarts PC in fullscreen mode

Display Issues after boot up

DirextX Help

Direct X 10

Display is screwed up after self-restart

DMA Problems HELP

DirectX not updating

DirectX online game help

Disk swaps during screensaver

Do I have to pay for windows 10 after one year of use?

Directx 9.0 issue with 3D

Disk/file WIPE utility for WinXP?

Doing mulitple upgrades.

Disappearing wireless network card

Don't recognize floppy drives any more

Driver problem

DirectX9.0c - can I reinstall directx9.0b (because of a game bug)?

Driver problems.

Display problem after upgrading to new computer

Drm Licence Problem

Driver Issue


Driver problem on Geforce 6200 LE Video Card

Dos Programs won't run

Dual Display Problems - Nvidia

DTS audio stopped working

Download and update windows Auto

DVD burner issues in desktop and laptop

Do you need more than Windows default tools to check/repair a hard drive?

DVD burner suddenly went slow

DVD burner won't burn

Driver Issues

DVD wont run

DVD burner wont burn

Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_than_equal_to TCPIP.SYS daily problem

DVD RW won't play CD or DVD (Liteon SHW-160P6S04)

DVD+RW no longer burns

DVD-ROM drive won't burn

DVD Burner Problems

DVD/CD writer won't play any CDs

DVD-RW takes too long time to burn a DVD.

Display Driver Causing Random PC Restarts Crashes HELP

DVD "randomly" doesnt initiate upon/during windows session

Dvd burner having problems(nec 4x) PLEASE HELP.

DVD Burner Takes FOREVER

DVD game won't read

Err Speaker Problems

Echoee Sound

DVD won't detect

Echo on ALL audio playback

dvd rom drive or dvd disc or windows media problem

DVD's being recognized only as CD's

Error when shutting down windows.

Error 07xe and sound issues

Emachines M5309 CD-Rom won't play anymore

Ethernet problem

Ethernet Problems

Ethernet LAN connection problem

Error at shut down

Explorer crashes when searching

Every game I play crashes for no reason

Endless Reboot

Errr. netwrok setup prob

Enable sli memory crashes my windows

Extended Dual Monitor Use Can Kill Graphics Card?

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