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Buying New OS Vista XP Normal OEM?


Isn't that a requirement for all OEMs?A: No. If you’ve shopped for computer parts of software online you’ve likely come across a three-letter acronym. Linux takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to install, depending on the speed of your computer and the distribution you choose. shanky887614Sep 13, 2011, 4:17 AM think about it this way, your license wont become invalidif it does, a quick call to microsoft will fix itthe only difference is the support from his comment is here

It is considered retail, so you can get MS support. If you need any long-term support, you need to be using a commercial product like w2k or 2003 (but the corresponding overall COO will be higher). RetiredChiefSep 13, 2011, 8:52 PM Have to aggree with Herr_Koos assessment.(1) A large percentage of sales fall into to two catagories: (A) corporations, and where I work they did not switch IF YOU OWN the XP and are doing a Clean Install, buy the upgrade version!! http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/buying-new-os-vista-xp-normal-oem.110749/

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Other than this, they are the same OS. They were too late in delivering an operating system that people wanted to move to rather than stay on XP. Your post stirred some thought in my mind about the 32 bit vs. 64 bit issue which would likely play a hand in OS selection even if it's a minor influence, I put off trying Linux for years before trying it out.

If you bought the computer and it already came with Windows 7, then it’s most likely an OEM version. Not dissing MS or Apple (I use them both), but "free, open, and fast" is nice to consider. You also get custom Gigabyte 3D looking wallpaper giving the computer a more polished looked over standard plain jane windows standard. Buy Windows 7 about 90 posts so far.Hacker claims to be bringing DirectX 10 to WinXP pkellmeyApr 27, 2007, 10:57 PM Apparently, people are calling the DX10 backport a scam because the reported programmers

If I was to benchmark XP it would most likely come out on top for games, but the performance drop is not noticeable. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the Its cheaper and it has its limits but its only for the one computer I'm building. http://www.pcworld.com/article/257599/windows_license_questions_your_faqs_answered.html You should keep the label on the COMPUTER or packaging to prove that you are licensed to use the SOFTWARE.Q: There are cheap copies of Windows 7 Ultimate on eBay.

Yes, some people might want to dual boot a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version on the same pc.. Buy Windows 10 Vista may be slightly slower now but that'll change with updates and better drivers. A: Yes and no. 64-bit Windows allows programs to access enormous amounts of RAM (100GB+), compared with only 2 to 4GB for normal 32-bit windows. My computer has that now and I only use windows 64bit.

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I am currently running Windows 7 x86 (32-Bit) on my first build. anchor Interpreted Windows 8 down graded???? What Is Windows Oem However, the average user doesn't come close to needing more than that; even the most demanding 3D games run fine with 1GB or so of RAM. Windows 7 Oem I'm building a new PC and so I'm going to need to buy new windows.

Reply Chris March 20, 2014 at 4:15 pm That is my favorite thing about being a student in computer science... this content A: Let's start with Windows XP. GPU, RAM, or CPU upgrades will make no difference. I was unable to find an answer. Windows 7 License Key

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The answer to this question, for example, seems to be 100% wrong: Q: I have a small company and one of my clients has asked if I could upgrade several of What Is Oem incl.; OEM with legit key, no problems: http://www.productquest.net/windows-7-home-premium-oem-branded.html Reply Cheeky Face January 10, 2015 at 3:29 am The link won't provide access without authentication by logging in. You CAN NOT use the OEM version for a NEW/UPGRADED MB from a Working MB.

In this case, though, given Microsoft's complete breakdown in communicating with its customers, I'm willing to make a major exception.

domain related stuff).You do know Q3 is _supposed_ to have quads for about the same price that you probably paid for your e6600 (sorry, you either new that and don't care I also plan to keep my custom builds around for a while.So, go for it! If not, I will have to buy a new version of Windows, hence the OEM question.Question 2: Can I reuse my current retail version of Windows 7 Home Premium? Windows 10 License Windows is the first OS we got after DOS became out dated and its always been like that we've never used anything else.

So here are the most common questions we receive with straightforward answers. Herr_KoosSep 13, 2011, 3:16 AM rrance said: I disagree with that. But there's no guarantee you'll get a consistent or accurate answer on licensing issues. check over here Bing's Cashback program offers an additional rebate of as much as 7% on those prices.

You will only have activation problems if you attempt to install and activate Windows on a different PC, or if the hardware in your system changes significantly. You need to purchase a full Windows license and then upgrade using the VL versions. My opinion, my experience. You can't do that with the OEM version.

I am going to be purchasing a new version of Windows 7 for use on a new computer, once. MS stated this specifically in their OEM licensing PDFs. Unless something really special happens, 7's legacy will be that was better than Vista. rds1220Sep 13, 2011, 6:34 AM Forget the 200 dollar full package I'm just getting the OEM 64bit package.

When I build this Pc i plan on taking care of it and keeping it for awhile. solved Windows 8.1 OEM vs. The guy busted his butt and exhaustively tested over 25 different, somewhat high-end games, including stuff on Steam, and only found 1 or 2 that had any significant issues. You also get 32 and 64 bit dvd's.

Back up your data, such as your docs, pictures, music, videos, Favorites, bookmarks, e-mail data (if not using an online service), and financial data (if it isn't already stored in your Write a guide bluenovacomputing Explore more guides View previous General Info on Microsoft OEM COA's, CDs, Ect. Herr_KoosSep 12, 2011, 3:26 PM beenthere said: . what's for tomorror? "How to make an omelette using 2 eggs, in under 3 hours, spending less than 100 bucks" ?