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Doing Mulitple Upgrades.


Phobos I still have that old notification and I have no plans to upgrade until I build a new pc. The link is to a PDF I created. RULES Regarding Spoilers Posting untagged spoilers on /r/FFXV is not allowed. Third and finally this time it will prompt you with a "Give Cid XXXX" yes or no dialogue box, select yes, he is now upgrading your weapon.

OT: If their intention is to resell an entire new console every time, then I don't see this working out particularly well. RSIlluminator "BUT this abusive behaviour by Microsoft is WAY beyond giving someone free access to music. After every windows reinstall you need to do routine of all kinds of crazy settings to operate the online cancer out of your OS. I would be very grateful for a solution to this problem. Get More Information

Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Lawsuit

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