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Can I Set Up A Network Linux (Fedoracore3 To Xp) And Share Isp Need Help


Apache control tool: apachectl - man page Apache Configuration Files: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: is used to configure Apache. My LAN is connected to the net by a Zoom ADSL X3 modem, router and firewall. delete yes guest # delete files permission? If there are separate mail accounts, each can be sent to a different user, or specific users can have mail sent to their mailbox if there is a combined account, such weblink

My modem is a Thomson SpeedTouch 330. Detailed documentation on using the SpeedTouch modem with SUSE 9.2 can be found at www.linux-usb.org/SpeedTouch/suse. See the YoLinux Tutorial on configuring a network gateway/firewall using iptables and NAT. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Licensing Advertise International Editions: US / UK India Home Forums Posting Rules Linux Help & Resources Fedora Set-Up Guides Fedora Magazine Ask Fedora Fedora Project I tried installing Red Hat 9 on it, but with no success.

How To Setup Lan Connection In Windows Xp

I would really recommend against opening NFS on the internet as it is an unencrypted protocol and transports your data in plain text. Does Linux do 64-bit? I have the latest One your VM is setup and initialized, you can start it (power it on). Multiple protocols: FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and FSP protocols.

Secure Shell (SSH) Access to OSLAB Firewalled SSH Access to OSLAB The OSLAB lab housing the VMware machines is protected by a firewall. Unfortunately, a new computer is required at one station. The Apache web server configuration file is: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Web pages are served from the directory as configured by the DocumentRoot directive. Network Setup Wizard Xp Download I have just bought your Complete Linux Handbook 2, and intend to install Mandrake 9.2 from the DVD.

The downside of the "IP based" virtual host method is that you have to possess multiple/extra IP addresses. How To Configure Internet Connection In Windows Xp About LXF Wiki Disclaimers ISE-311 Lab Facilities (Spring 2010) Introduction We have set up limited lab facilities for use by registered class students during the semester. The last thing I'm going to cover is processes. http://fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=30299 If not used to support a local private LAN, remove (or comment out) this view.

An alternative would be to assign the shell /bin/false or /sbin/nologin which became available in later releases of Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu. Change Network From Public To Home Windows Xp Red Hat Linux 7.1 and later uses the xinet daemon to manage ftp connections. May 30, 2003 I Can't Set Up network between Linux & Windows! You will need to set your default gateway as the NIC which connects to your LAN on your fc3 box ( what this does is your windows xp machine will firstly

How To Configure Internet Connection In Windows Xp

However, the stick is now inaccessible on the Linux box. https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/howto_i_client.mspx As you can connect internally, I would suggest that OpenVPN is working and configured, although it would be worth checking that OpenVPN is listening on all necessary IP addresses for new How To Setup Lan Connection In Windows Xp I'm a Linux business user. Connecting Windows Xp To Internet Via Ethernet YaST has recognised most of my hardware, graphics, sound etc, including the fact that I have a USB ADSL modem.

Booting a Windows XP install from Grub can be done with a simple rootnoverify(hd0,0) chainloader+1 boot at the command line. In that case, you will have to re-visit the above link periodically to re-enable your access for your new IP address Similarly, if you tend to ssh from multiple locations (home, Any password will be accepted. It was made necessary due to numerous break-in attempts daily through my lab SSH servers. How To Setup A Wired Internet Connection On Windows Xp

Any third-party programs you have that go into the MySQL 3.23 libraries may also need to be updated. Reader John Gregory has also sent in this advice about configuring SpeedTouch modems: "The easiest route to take is with SpeedTouchConf. Does anyone else get messages like this? check over here This page has been accessed 6177 times.

Do not send email to the TA or the instructor from these machines, nor should you expect to get email sent to you on these machines; they are not configured for Name Types Of Physical Transmission Media Default is disabled. Login _ Social Sharing Find TechSpot on...

When it comes to picking a vendor for your software it gets more blurred.

These boot Windows filesystems in completely different ways, so once you have figured out which loader you are using, you may want to review the dual-boot documentation at www.tldp.org. SSH access is required and restricted by the lab's firewall: you can only come in from within the university, the CS department, and select addresses which I've authorized (e.g., subsets of If it works for you, use it, as it is more secure to deny the user shell access. Windows Xp Connect To Network You can try to disable any RAID capabilities in the FastTrack BIOS, and as you've only got a single disk, the BIOS should boot from it quite happily.

Kevin I wrestled with 2 laptops and an older tower for 3 or 4 evenings to get them networked. Without information on specific configuration options, and the current state of the system, it's difficult to put my finger on an individual cause of your network problems. Apache may be configured to run as a host for one web site in this fashion or it may be configured to serve for multiple domains. this content The first stumbling block was getting IceWM to start at all.

I think my system might be compromised. Cheers Amber This helped alot. This will show you any file that differs from the installed RPM package. caching-nameserver: We will not be covering this as it is not required for web hosting.

Can someone explain how I might go about this? We've been trying to figure out why you would want to do this, but we really have no idea.